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The table below lists and describes the rich text formatting options, as well as the toolbar icons and keyboard shortcuts, available when adding comments to tickets or macros.

Toolbar button Formatting Keyboard shortcuts
Increase/decrease heading style

Increase: Ctrl + +

+ + (Mac)

Decrease: Ctrl + -

+ - (Mac)


Ctrl + B

+ B (Mac)

Ctrl + I

+ I (Mac)
Bulleted list

Ctrl Shift + 8

+ Shift + 8(Mac)
Numbered list

Ctrl + Shift + 7

+ Shift + 7 (Mac)
Decrease paragraph indentation

Ctrl + [

+ [ (Mac)
Increase paragraph indentation

Ctrl + ]

+ ] (Mac)
Block quote

Ctrl + Shift + 9

+ Shift + 9 (Mac)
Code block

Ctrl + Shift + 6

+ Shift + 6 (Mac)
Code span

Ctrl + Shift + 5

+ Shift + 5 (Mac)

Ctrl + K

+ K (Mac)
Horizontal line

Ctrl + Shift + L

+ Shift + L (Mac)
- Inline image

Ctrl + M

 + M (Mac)

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    How do I insert an image into the comment? 

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    Hey Bonnie!

    You can use Cmd/Ctrl + M to insert inline images, or you can drag/drop the files directly into the ticket.

    Edited for correction.

    Edited by Jessie Schutz
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    So there is no way to embed an image, they always have to be attachments? 

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    Funny that in the Help Center WYSIWYG editor, we can embed images as above, yet with the recommended RTF Editor in the Agent Interface we can not. Losing that from Markup is very frustrating as it's always been a most useful tool.

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    Hey Bonnie!

    Sorry I wasn't more clear. For in-line images you just need to drag and drop them into your ticket comment!

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    Hey Bonnie!

    Just an update here...I was just informed by a colleague that you can actually use Cmd/Ctrl + M to insert in-line images!

    Fun Fact: you can also use Cmd/Ctrl + K to create hyperlinks. :)

    I'm going to update my original comment to reflect this information, and send a request over to our Documentation team to see if we can get those two items added to this article.

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    I have "formatting options for agents" enabled (via Settings>Tickets) but when I send an email, it still appears in the requester's inbox as plain text (links not included and italics appear like _this_ rather than in actual italics). Any idea as to why this might be occurring and how it can be remedied? Thanks

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