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Roadmap / Milestones

suggested this on October 04, 2008 20:12

I have one request. For me it is major and would take Zendesk from 'great' to 'indespensible':  The ability to tie tickets to milestones. This would allow a project roadmap to be created, implemeneted, and tracked. A perfect example of this in action can be found at a typical Trac roadmap like this one:  note: beginning at Milestone: 0.3alpha2, you can see the tickets that are assigned to each milestone.

For my usage of Zendesk, this would be a game-changer.




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Paul Keck

I agree 100%. As it stands now, we create a forum post detailing the release schedule. The post lists all the issues that will be addresses in the next release and the date associated with it. This is fine for one client at a time, but as issues get added/removed and dates change, it becomes a management hassle to update the schedule post.

December 27, 2008 07:41
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Paul Keck

I realize this request may be leaning toward project management, but we typically address our client requests in groups, and it would be great if we could inform them which requests we are currently addressing, and what the scheduled completion date is (along with a name like "Release 1.2").

I would also like to see this view on this support site. It would be good information to know what enhancements you are currently working on...although schedule might be a bit much to ask!

Can you let me know if something like this is at least being considered?

Thanks in advance.

June 09, 2009 11:35
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Amy Au-Yeung

Hi Clifton, Paul,

Thanks for your suggestion, we do appreciate your tips on how to improve our system :)

Please understand that Zendesk is indeed intended to be a Help Desk system, so I'm not sure what the team thinks about adding these PM-related enhancements.  Having said that, let me try to bring this up to them and see what they says.  Will let you guys know if I hear anything :)



Zendesk Support

January 20, 2010 00:07
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I think this would be a great addition so we can let users know what we're improving according to their ideas.

December 01, 2010 10:56
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Philip Moy

I think it would be great to be able to showcase a public as well as a private roadmap graph with basic description detailing what we are working on directly on our ZenDesk. One that comes to mind is which is how i envision it. We use our ZenDesk obviously as a support ticket help desk, but also as a place where our clients can submit feature requests. It would be very useful to have these kinds of requests reflected in a product roadmap with completion % etc.

August 28, 2012 08:30