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New ticket field types and enhancements to existing

Bill Sapp
suggested this on April 08, 2010 01:01

I'd like to request a few enhancements to custom ticket fields capabilities.

New Field Options:

  • Date (without Time):  Same type of field as due date field that appears when the task ticket type is selected.  I'm looking for an extra date field so I can compare start date and estimated complete date (two different fields) against due date.
  • Date (with Time):  Same, but with a time and am/pm selection.  I realize it may not make sense to build this out until the option exists for due date.
  • Multi-select drop-down menu:  Drop-down with the ability to select multiple values using ctl + click or shift + click.
    - Radio Buttons:  Only select a single value.


  • Allow default values (optional) to be selected.
  • Customize the width of the Text, Numeric and Decimal fields; define # of characters viewable in the field.
  • Customize the width/height of the Multi-line text field.
  • Allow similar field types to be switched after creation; for example, if a field started as numeric, allow a change to decimal without losing previously populated data.
  • Rework the drop-down menu when sub-menu/sub-category functionality is enabled.  For instance, a normal drop-down menu will display up or down depending on where there is space to view it.  They also extend outside the constraints of the browser, whereas the current sub-menu/sub-category enabled version only flows downward requiring the user to scroll to see the options covered up.
  • Tweak the open text field types (text, numeric, decimal) to be the same height as the drop-down menu types.  It is slightly disproportionate today.
  • Allow more control over how the fields are displayed for agents.  A drag and drop design option would be fantastic, but I realize least likely to happen.  Perhaps, field slots could be defined based on the number of fields that are active.  If the administrator would prefer to display only two fields on a row (even if 3 or 4 could fit), define the other slots as blank.  The problem today is that when too many fields are displayed, it is a bit difficult to navigate (see attached screenshot).
  • Conditional logic for when to display fields.  For instance, when a specific value is selected in field A, field B is exposed (or B and C); when a specific value in field B or field C is selected, field D is exposed.  I know this is requested in a few other posts, but this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning it again.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Bill Sapp

A few more:

  • Allow custom fields to be used in filtering for SLAs, Macros, Automations and Triggers.  Today, you can get around this by filtering with Tags, but it requires you to be very careful with how tags in general are used within your tickets.
  • Introduce a system field (multi-line text) for Solution.  I imagine this is one that not everyone wants since there could theoretically be new comments added after the Solution has been added, which would then get us talking about whether the Solution could be modified.  Perhaps, make it optional.
  • Introduce a system or custom field for time spent on the ticket.  I'm not referring to time that the ticket is open, but the actual effort being put into the ticket.  Perhaps, include a timer that can be enabled while you're working on the ticket, but still allow a manual number to be typed in.
  • Allow the comments field, and any muti-line text fields, to support rich text including bold, italic, underline, strike-through, bullets, colored text, font sizes; in a perfect world, it would also support pasting of screenshots, blockquote treatment and indentations.
  • Allow Macros to be displayed to end users, but only certain ones that are designated for their view.  This would be helpful in allowing them to create common tickets without having to fill out everything.
  • Allow CC field (editable at all times) to appear on End User view.
  • Allow Triggers and Automations and Macros to populate the CC field.  Sometimes for us, we have set rules about people that would like to be copied.  It would be nice to do this automatically rather than having to remember those rules when working on the tickets.
April 08, 2010 23:28
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Anestis Lampsos

A custom date/time field type is important for us too. Please raise the priority on this one. Thx.

May 01, 2012 09:14
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Mike Avery

Has there been any progress on this, especially the multi-select drop-down menu?




June 26, 2012 09:14
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We would love to have a date field as using the text field makes searching by date not accurate (not everyone uses the same format). Having a calendar to click on would be great.



December 17, 2012 21:25
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Jeff Bennett

The multiple select drop-down would be great.

January 25, 2013 15:17
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Mike Avery

Dates fields with the option to default to "now"  or "today" would be really great!

January 28, 2013 07:48
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Andrew J
BizStudio NZ

Definitely Radio Buttons would be great. Date and Time is also very important.

June 17, 2013 21:51
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Morgan Chan

This enhancement of ticket field was raised in April, how come there is no response from Support guys??

July 25, 2013 19:47
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Andrew J
BizStudio NZ

Hello Morgan,

This is a feature request, not a problem.  I know the Zendesk product managers monitor feature requests all the time. 

We should also note, that the new ticket forms feature addresses the last two points - and there is the conditional fields mod for those who arent on Enterprise.  Many of the other points are relatively minor.

That all said, I am all for discussion on the most popular ideas, TIME related functionality is one I would love to see!  (15min intervals would be fine)

What features would you like to see best?

July 25, 2013 21:02
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Morgan Chan

Hi Andrew,

I would love to have multi-selection drop-down list, which has also been highlighted in that enhancement request. By the way, it would be great that you guys update that request so that others aware of the progress and know that the request is being actively handled by you guys.

Rgds Morgan 

July 30, 2013 11:27
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Erin Boyle
Product Manager

Hi all,

For those of you interested in a new "date field" type, we're getting close to a beta.  We're wrapping up the development work on this right now and fixing a few critical bugs.  In the meantime, go ahead and sign up for beta here:


March 24, 2014 16:25
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Seth Wylie

+1 for Multi-Select!!  Would love-love-love to have it for our ticket categorization. We have several fields right now that have a "More than 1" option at the top, which of course is totally useless. The fields are things like what type(s) of issue(s) came up, and what area(s) of our product came up

April 02, 2014 12:26
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Marc Fairorth

Thank you Zendesk for custom date fields! Date/Time and timing capabilities are at the heart of our service desk!


April 05, 2014 07:48