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Default value for custom field

Igor Vuksanović
asked this on May 10, 2010 00:22

Is it possible to set a default value for a custom field?

I have a dropdown field with options:

  • Ticket
  • Suggestion

I want this field to be set as "Ticket" by default.




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Zendesk for iPad Beta

Hi Igor,


What conditions in the ticket would change it from Ticket to Suggestion or would it be changed manually? Depending on how you would like it to work I think your best bet is to create a trigger. Let me know if you have any questions.




Forest Anderson

September 14, 2010 05:32
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I am now looking at this myself and found this post while searching. I have created a custom field and would like it to be set by default to a certain option, unless of course the user clicks on it and changes it.

May 03, 2011 04:18
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I would like to revive this old post.

How can I define the default value for custom field drop down lists?

taking the example above

drop down list is

  • ticket
  • suggestion 

We would like the field to be set to ticket by default. End user does not need to select any thing.

this how type filed is loaded with "NEW" every time the form is loaded.

There is no specific condition that will change this from "ticket" to "suggestion" this will be done manually only.

we can do this via trigger, however the end user will only see "--" in the drop box . This will simply create many "i did not see it when i was creating the ticket" arguments.


we want them to see the default value on the screen before they submit.




June 07, 2012 19:09
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Graham Robson
Coherence Design


Coherence Design have a commercial widget that can be used to support default selections.

Restrict End-user Options - enables you to hide drop-down values, including the "--", which in effect promotes the next value to be the default. As such, you'd need to make the 'default' value you want to be the first value in your field.

If your interested, please contact

June 07, 2012 23:13
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Christina Schierling
Check Answer


Setting default values for initial ticket creation is not currently supported through the UI.
However, it is possible using JavaScript, as Graham Robson has pointed out.

Please contact us with any questions at:
We'd be happy to assist you.

June 11, 2012 12:51
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Alexandre Ackermans

+1 for this basic feature - default value in dropdowns would be very useful.

August 02, 2012 12:00
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Eli Blankers

I think triggers would do it...

August 02, 2012 13:55
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Matt Picio

We would also like to see the ability to add a default value.  A typical use case would be to pre-populate "Description" with a template the user could then edit.  E.g.:


Desired Behavior:
Actual Behavior:

Steps for Reproduction



This type of pre-population is desirable to encourage the end user to give specific information up front, rather than spurring an exchange of multiple comments.  It's also a very common feature of many help-desk systems.  It's a basic feature of Enterprise-level systems, and if implemented, would definitely encourage the smaller enterprise customers to look at Zendesk rather than developing their own or implementing the "heavy guns" solutions which cost an order of magnitude more.

December 17, 2012 19:22
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Andrew J
BizStudio NZ


Would you be better off to make these items required fields in the ticket fields?

From what I am hearing, the nature of your work makes it normal for these to apply.

I would suggest perhaps adding the fields;

Desired Behavior, Actual Behavior, Steps for Reproduction.



December 17, 2012 20:02
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Matt Picio


Why use 3 fields when one will suffice?  I don't need to index them, search on them, or use them for business rules, so it doesn't make sense to break them out into 3 fields, which take up extra space on the agent view.  Also, we sync our Zendesk with JIRA, and that information is necessary in the description to transfer to the internal engineering system (i.e. JIRA).  This is basic functionality, something Zendesk *should* be doing out of the box.  There's ample business cases for pre-populating any of the default fields and for doing the same to custom fields as well.

December 17, 2012 20:09
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Andrew J
BizStudio NZ

Hello Matt,

I hear what you are saying.  I am trying to think up helpful solutions within the existing framework.  Certainly this should also be a feature request you can make.  At the moment we are in the community help forums :-)

What you MAY be able to do is move that info into a ticket comment using a macro

This would mean;

-  The customer enters the info line by line (which is generally the way with getting good info)

- Your tech applies a macro on assignment or whatever.  This macro make a private (or public confirmation) comment on the request... which merges all the ticket fields you want into the comment.

You can pull info from any fields using the syntax {{ticket.ticket_field_ID}}

I hope this helps in some way.




December 17, 2012 20:27
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Matt Picio

Ah - I will raise it in the appropriate forum, then.'s search feature agglomerates everything by default, and I wasn't carefully examining which forum it dumped me in.

I don't think it can be done in the existing framework without Javascript - the idea is to pre-populate a field to get better information from the end user.  If I ask them to enter it line by line, half of them will ignore those instructions, even when placed directly above the input field.

December 17, 2012 20:37
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Andrew J
BizStudio NZ

As a workaround for the case that started this discussion.  If the field was made 'compulsory', the user would not only HAVE to select an option, but they would KNOW that they had selected it.

I know this doesnt suit the default option, but a default that people can ignore, is little different from a -- that gets changed to a default by a trigger.

Using a compulsory field option particularly applies to the argument below. 

"We can do this via trigger, however the end user will only see "--" in the drop box . This will simply create many "i did not see it when i was creating the ticket" arguments.  We want them to see the default value on the screen before they submit". 

When the user selects an option, they have far more buy-in to the option selected. A default option can give a very similar result, "I didnt select that!"


December 17, 2012 20:38
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Jennifer Rowe
Check Answer

Hi Matt,

Here's the Feature Request forum. We are starting work on a new feature next year that might resemble what you're looking for, although it won't be exactly what you're describing (that feature has a different goal, but is intended to give you flexibility in the type of info you get from end-users). Maybe it would help the product manager if you provide an example of what you've seen other places that you liked. Also, an example of the pre-populated description text "template" might be helpful, because I'm not sure how you can make this general enough to be useuful. You can provide any more info here, or, if you start a feature request, maybe you can paste the link here so I see it.


Thanks, as always, for helping!

December 18, 2012 09:02