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Python library for using Zendesk's API v2

asked this on April 08, 2011 02:45

Hey guys,

Max from eventbrite. Just wanted to let you know that we have developed a Python library for using Zendesk's API and it's now publicly available:


UPDATE 4th April 2013 from Zendesk: for API v2 you can find our updated library here



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Arnaud de Theux

Hi Max,

Thanks, I was just looking for that! :)

February 15, 2012 13:49
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Steven Yan
Product Manager
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Thanks for your contribution Max!  Wanted to let you know that we've just released API v2:

April 26, 2012 13:55
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Andreas Lydersen
LogMeIn Rescue Beta


Thanks for sharing this library!

I'm having trouble using it for PUT-actions, and as far as I can see there is no examples of such in you files. Could you please give an example on say adding a comment to a ticket? When I try I get an "411 Length Required"-error.



August 30, 2012 07:06
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Alex Zak

Saved me a ton of work....

You guys rock! :)

January 02, 2013 18:18
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Marwan Rabbaa
Groupon EMEA

just for information, this library use a deprecated version of API

April 04, 2013 06:00
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Arnaud de Theux

@Marwan you are correct. I have updated the article with a link to our new library:

April 04, 2013 07:04
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Just a heads up that the library at  does in fact support the v2 endpoints now. There've been a couple of recent pull requests as well.

We're all python at my company so this has been a huge convenience. Thanks to Max and everyone who's contributed.

September 13, 2013 11:14