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Getting started: where to go next (Classic)

Matthew Latkiewicz
posted this on April 25, 2011 10:31

Note: This information is for Zendesk Classic. If you are using the new version of Zendesk, see Where to go next.

Turning your Zendesk “on”


It is easy to start using your Zendesk for real-life support. If you have a support email address already in use, simply start forwarding all the incoming mail to your default Zendesk support email address. Your default support address is, where "youraccount" the site name you signed up for Zendesk with.

So, for example, if you currently use for email support, set up that email address to forward to

For more on using your own email address with Zendesk, refer to Lesson 3: Customizing the customer experience.

From the moment you start forwarding that mail, all your support communication will start flowing into Zendesk.

If you don’t yet have a support email address you want to use, you can simply publicize your default Zendesk support email address. Link to this address on your own website. If at any time you want to start using a custom support email address, all you need to do is set up the forwarding as described above. With that in place, the transition will be seamless.

On the web

You can also start offering web support through your Zendesk site by linking to your support web portal home page from your own website. If you don’t have one already, add a link to “Support” or “Help” and make that link go to your Zendesk web portal.

Like your default support email address, your web portal is

For more on the web portal read the Configuring the Customer Web Portal Home Page in Lesson 3.

Learn more about Zendesk

Zendesk has a number of resources to which you can turn when you need help or just want to learn more.

  • The Using Zendesk forum has definitive documentation on all the Zendesk features.
  • Zendesk holds regular webinars -- live demonstrations and Q&As about how to use Zendesk and many of its features.
  • The Zendesk Support Forums are an active area of discussion about best practices and new features.

Below are some specific resources that might be of interest to you after this guide:

Streamlining your workflow

Gaining business insight with support reporting & analytics

Building and extending your help desk

Getting help

Of course, Zendesk support agents are on hand to answer questions and offer advice should you need it. Depending on your plan, you can reach us through:

Note that while you are in your trial period, you have all the features and support of the Plus+ plan.

And we make announcements and listen to feedback on our social channels as well:

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