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Another bucket-o-features for you!

Jake Holman
posted this on June 13, 2011 14:57

New Stuff

  • Customer Satisfaction Rating emails are now internationalized, which means they will no longer always be in English. This works by detecting the requester's language before constructing the email, or if no language is found we default to the account's language and construct the email accordingly. There is nothing you need to do to get this enhancement working. Note: it will take a short time for our translators to go through the necessary strings.
  • Agents are no longer able to circumvent the restriction on rating their own tickets. This also means Agents can no longer assume end-users and rate tickets on their behalf.
  • You can now change the order of pinned topics. This works by selecting topics you would like to be "sticky" within your pinned topics, and re-ordering within those sticky topics. 
  • Agents can now mark a ticket as spam, which will delete the ticket and suspend the requester. Once suspended, a user may not login to that Zendesk account and will have subsequent tickets suspended. Note that for agents to be able to mark tickets as spam, agents must be allowed to delete tickets - a setting controlled by Admins under Settings > Agents. 
  • Agents can also individually suspend end-users. This means the suspended end-user will no longer be able to log in to your Zendesk account, and all tickets submitted by them will be suspended. Note that Agents are unable to suspend fellow Agents or Admins, however Admins can suspend Agents.
  • Custom fields (drop downs and check boxes which set tags) can now be directly referenced to and influenced by rules. For example:
  • Last week we introduced the ability to use Zendesk placeholders or Liquid markup in all ticket interfaces. This introduced problems for some of you, so you're now able to escape Zendesk processing those placeholders or markup. In short, we escape when we find "\{{" or "\{%" in the message. A fuller example:
    \{% if template == 'home' %} 
    {% else %} 
    {% endif %}
  • When using the Zendesk API as an Agent, you are able to create a new ticket with a requester. This ultimately means that new requesters can be added (or updated) at the same time as a ticket being submitted. We've enhanced this, so you can not only add in their name and email address as before, but also their phone number, locale and timezone. You'll find the updated documentation at 
  • We've implemented an API change around what Group and Organization information is returned.
  • vCard links on profiles have now been removed, as the use was no longer strong. This is also no longer 1999.
  • RSS links have been removed from the interface. RSS references are still included on those pages with an RSS feed (Views, Forums, Topics) so modern browsers and readers can still pick them up, though. 
  • We will be rolling out use of a Content Distribution Network (CDN) gradually over the next week, starting Tuesday. This means that we will be serving static data (images, stylesheets, javascript files, etc) from http(s):// rather than our current asset servers http(s)://asset[0-3]

    If you in any way restrict what sites your agents can accept data from (back office security, firewalls, etc), make sure to white list

Fixed Stuff

  • We were strictly sanitizing the Zendesk dropbox CSS, which caused us to strip some custom CSS. We no longer do this.
  • A problem with our Yammer widget caused difficulties during authentication. This is now resolved.
  • We were not showing a ticket's subject if that ticket was closed. We've re-instated the subject on closed tickets. 
  • The screensteps widget experienced issues when clicking on a "lesson", this should no longer have any problems.
  • The Get Satisfaction Target, particularly those set up a long time ago, was occasionally failing due to a missing default URL, this is now fixed.
  • Occasionally when Admins marked a comment as private, Zendesk was returning an error. This should no longer happen.
  • "Create Follow-up" link on closed tickets was broken, which is now resolved. 

We really hope you enjoy all of these awesome updates! We'll keep them coming and look forward to your feedback. 




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Daniel Hall


Will the spam features make it across to the forums as well?

June 13, 2011 17:10
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Jake Holman
Product Manager

@Daniel: That's certainly a good idea. 

June 13, 2011 19:35
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Nick Jackson

Great updates as always.

June 13, 2011 22:08
User photo

I'm continually impressed. :)

June 14, 2011 00:06
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Carlisia Campos

@Jake, I just tried the cust satisfaction and the email went out in English, even though the default language for this one help desk is Portuguese. Should I expect it to be in Portuguese?

June 14, 2011 05:03
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Carlisia Campos

Actually, the text and buttons the user sees on the closed ticket on the website are also in English.

June 14, 2011 05:07
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Jake Holman
Product Manager

@Carlisia: I notice that particular translation is actually incomplete, so it will default to English where it can't find the completed strings. I've reached out to the translation owner and hopefully they'll update their package in a few days.

June 14, 2011 10:44
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Adam Koren - MaestroConference

You guys rock - keep the additions and updates coming!!!

June 14, 2011 12:19
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@Jake RE: Daniel's post "Will the spam features make it across to the forums as well?"


So will this be looked at and implemented?

June 14, 2011 20:15
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Jason Brumwell

The "Mark as Spam" option does not seem to be available in Table view of your tickets so you can update multiple through one screen instead of having to load each ticket and then report it as spam.

June 15, 2011 12:43
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Jake Holman
Product Manager

@Jason: Thanks, we'll get that fixed. 

@Andy: I'm not totally sure, although it sounds like the same thing, it's a very different place. I'm sure with the next round of forum improvements we'll add something along the lines of suspension/flagging.

June 15, 2011 13:10
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@Jake - any idea when the "Forum Improvements" will be rolled out?

June 15, 2011 17:00
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Kristina Lustig

Hey, quick question:

The new functionality for reordering pinned topics is super awesome.  BUT... how do I make it so that I can change the default number of pinned topics that show up on the home page from 5 to 10 or more?  I had this grand plan of using the home page as a base for the 10-15 mooost frequently asked questions (Like, 10 times a day asked), but when they have to click on to the second page of pinned topics, that kind of... defeats the purpose, no? 


June 21, 2011 14:41
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Jake Holman
Product Manager

@Kristina: Right now you have it so those pinned topics are collapsed. If you want the top questions display, why not just pin one topic - change the settings so it actually displays the fill topic - and have all of the questions in that topic?

Unfortunately there's no other option to expand the number of pinned topics I'm afraid.

@Andy: The best I can say is this year, sorry!

June 21, 2011 14:52
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Kristina Lustig


Mostly that wouldn't work because some of the topics are very long.  Though, I suppose I could just put the question titles in one article and then have them hyperlink to the actual questions in the database... thanks for the idea! :D

June 21, 2011 14:55
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Paul Holmgren

I need "mark a ticket as spam" this function in "suspended ticket" page.

November 23, 2011 23:25
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Van Leong

I agree with Paul. We need to be able to "mark tickets as spam" from the "suspended ticket" view. This feature requires the tickets to be created, then spam them. In most case, you can tell which are spam tickets from the "suspended tickets" view. Now, we have to let the tickets through, then look for them, then spam them.

February 07, 2012 11:14
User photo
community engine

+1 for Paul Holmgren's idea.

February 07, 2012 15:57
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