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New Liquid Placeholder and Fixed Stuff

Jake Holman
posted this on June 30, 2011 16:06

New Stuff
  • You're now able to iterate through CCs on a ticket with the Liquid Templating System. The following code:
    {% for cc in ticket.ccs %}
      {{}} ({{}})
    {% endfor %}

    Will output all CCs on a ticket formatted like this:

    Jake Holman (
    Jane Doe (

    You can use Liquid in Tickets and Email Notification. Documentation right here.

  • It is now possible to merge users when Remote Authentication is turned on, only if the losing user (that profile getting merged into another) has no external_id
  • We've implemented the API changes outlined here: - please ensure any API you make to forums are not affected. 

Fixed Stuff

  • An issue causing some users to not get mapped to appropriate organizations should now be resolved. Going forward, this means when an Organization has email address mapping, any user created with an email address mapped to that organization will be instantly tied to it.
  • It was possible to suspend Owners of Zendesk accounts. Surprisingly, this caused issues :) We've added measures to reduce the possibility of Owner's getting suspended. 
  • A problem with nested custom fields meant macros were unable to set them. This should be resolved.
  • It was possible to create users with simply "@" in their name. This caused Zendesk to error. We've fixed this so Zendesk no longer has issues with it.
  • For end-users on Internet Explorer, the language selection dropdown was occasionally spanning of the page at low resolution. This is now resolved.
  • In some browsers it was not possible to select users by clicking them in auto-complete fields, such as Requester or CC fields on Tickets. This is now resolved.
  • User tags with . in them caused issues on some pages. This should no longer be a problem.
  • Agent collision was causing multiple messages to appear in the ticket hover, display on table views. This no longer occurs. 
  • Some users were able to see forums restricted by tags. This was a caching problem, and didn't allow actual access to any restricted forums. It's now resolved.


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Jake Holman
Product Manager

One thing I missed out:

  1. CCs on tickets used to be sent notifications with the list of CCs in the BCC field of outbound emails from Zendesk. We now properly CC CCs in outbound emails!
June 30, 2011 16:18
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Nick Jackson

Merging Remote Authentication users is awesome - we love you!

July 01, 2011 03:25
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YAY for merging with remote authentication turned on!!!

July 01, 2011 09:50
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Patrick Casiano


Did you mean  "ticket.cc_names"   instead of   "ticket.ccs"   in your sample code?  I've got users very much looking forward to this one and the using of the CC field instead of the BCC field for cc'd users

July 03, 2011 23:06
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Jake Holman
Product Manager

@Patrick: Nope. {{ticket.cc_names}} is a printed list of CC names, nothing more - you have no control over its contents.

{{ticket.ccs}} is an object/array in liquid. This means it needs to be iterated through as per my example. 

July 04, 2011 09:01
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Kurt Muller


I implemented the printing of the CC names into the ticket. I see this works when the email goes out to the requester, but the CC names do not get printed in the ticket within Zendesk.

The goal here would be to have a trigger that prints the name of the CC person(s) and then have another trigger perform an action off the CC names. Can you provide a reason as to why the CC names are not appearing within the ticket once created? If this is something that is easily fixed, it would help tremendously to auto assign tickets (as a lot of our reps are cc'ed when an email goes to a distribution list).

Here's my existing setup:

Email comes into the system

A trigger is set to send an email to the group, and this is where the code is placed to add the CC's

Another trigger follows this that would email the rep located within the CC field (supposedly now text on the email) or go to the default rep if no rep name located within the CC field/text string


Can you provide any assistance?




July 11, 2011 11:22
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Jake Holman
Product Manager

@Kurt: I'm going to move this to a ticket.

July 11, 2011 11:36
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Devenie Corliss

Can you update the documentation links for the new fields? I guess this has only been available for a month but the "Available Placeholders" link which is in the triggers, automations and macros should definitely be up to date with key fields like this one. Now I wonder if there are other fields that aren't shown there. Even the Zendesk data object (placeholders) reference is not up-to-date ( I get that there isn't a lot of doc and it is primarily in the forums but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be accurate.

August 03, 2011 21:32
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