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Using business rules to share tickets (Enterprise)

Anton de Young
posted this on July 20, 2011 16:43

In the standard version of ticket sharing, sharing agreements can be created between Zendesk account and agents can manually share tickets to another Zendesk. In the Enterprise version of Zendesk, you can create business rules that automatically share tickets with another Zendesk. This is key to enabling multi-brand management (see Setting up to manage multiple brand Zendesk accounts). However, its use is not restricted to multi-brand management. It's equally useful in simply sharing tickets with another Zendesk.

In addition to the ticket sharing conditions that are available in standard ticket sharing (Ticket channel is Ticket sharing and Ticket update via Ticket sharing), the Enterprise version includes an action called Share ticket with. Once you've established ticket sharing agreements with other Zendesk accounts, you can select the name of the Zendesk to automatically share tickets with.

You can of course use any number of conditions as the criteria for sharing tickets with a specific Zendesk account. In the example above, theimage_sensortag was added via a custom field in the support request form that prompted the end-user to select their problem type.

The actions share the tickets to the specified Zendesk account and also add a tag that will be used in other business rules to track the shared tickets. For example, you can create views and reports that track shared tickets, as in this example:

This demonstrates the importance of also adding a tag that identifies the other Zendesk account when sharing tickets. This of course can be done manually via a macro or in a trigger, as in the example above.



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Gail Flynn
Can tickets be managed between a zendesk help desk and another system's help desk?
January 19, 2012 11:51
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Sebastian Nash

Very confused this is an Enterprise-only feature. Seems that it should be made easier for Zendesk customers to work together!

We have a support partner in another time zone. Our workflow included a trigger to assign tickets from customers in that area to an agent we made for our partner. When the partner also got a Zendesk account we were excited this would be streamlined further. However, it's a backwards step because we're "only" on the Plus plan and can't automate sharing tickets with them. Disappointing.

July 02, 2012 09:08
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Jens Chorus


we currently use ticket sharing to transfer tickets from Zendesk to our bugtracker. I would also be very interested to now whether any ticket sharing agreement can be used or whether this feature allows sharing only between to Zendesk instances.

August 16, 2013 02:40
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Bob Novak

@Gail - Ticket sharing is only available between Zendesks. If you wanted to transfer ticket data between systems that could be possible with our API (

@Sebastian - I understand that in this situation it is a reduction in functionality. However, your partner has a complete Zendesk now which allows them to do much more than simply having an agent in your Zendesk. You can still manually share the tickets.

@Jens - If your bug tracker has an integration with Zendesk then it may work through ticket sharing. You can see the full list of integrations at If it isn't listed there, then you could use the API to connect these systems. More information is at

September 10, 2013 14:50
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One of our software suppliers uses Zendesk.

Since we switched our support as well to Zendesk we are not receiving any ticket updates from them anymore. I guess it ends up in Suspended Tickets due to our triggers mailing theirs and vice versa.

The above seems like a solution. Would it work for us?

We are the one usually creating tickets into their Zendesk via their help center.

Who has to set up what. Our partner or us?
April 15, 2014 15:58
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Colin Piper

@Wouter - you are able to check your suspended ticket queue so please take a look and confirm what you see. If your updates are there, what is the reason for the suspension?

Ticket sharing does not sound like a solution as this is designed to be tickets shared between agents. In your case you are an end user. I would start by investigating (perhaps with their help) where the updates are going and move forward from there.

April 16, 2014 00:30