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Attachment size limit

Markku Johansson
asked this on September 29, 2011 00:53



What is the attachment size limit for different account types?  Almost the same question has been asked in but it is still unanswered.


I have tried to publish 30 MB update file on our forum but I haven't been able to upload the attachment.



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Jakub Glodek
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Hi Markku,

At this time the limits are as follows:

For Starter Plan customers, the limit is 1Mb. 
For Regular Plan customers, it's 7Mb. 
For Plus+ and Enterprise Plan customers, it's 20 Mb.

September 29, 2011 15:52
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Taryn Lazarus

What about Enterprise customers.  We pay a significant amount more, we should be allowed more.  A three times increase to 60MB should do.

20MB is not enough, and perhaps total limit of XX amount is a better option.  Most of our customers don't add attachments.  I would rather have a total amount of say 1GB or 2GB that we can work within rather than a tiny amount per comment.

November 07, 2011 19:58
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Taryn Lazarus

We have been researching this solidly for two weeks now and have come up with a great solution without the help of zendesk I must add! allows you to store files up to 2GB in size and you can create a secure direct link to these files and place the link in the forums so that people can download these files directly.  

We are thrilled with this ability, and while it is an added cost to our organisation, we just have to live with that if we don't want to go through the exercise of changing help desks.

November 09, 2011 15:55
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Don Cameron

As an Enterprise customer I would like to see at least 1Gb file size we regularly need to send and receive 60 to 90 Mb files.  Otherwise one of the primary reasons for our company using Zendesk is no longer valid.


Don C.

December 07, 2011 17:31
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Ian Del Giudice

Yeah, it's a shame that this support tracker doesn't also help me distribute content and applications. Why would I want to use a dedicated service or cloud hosting like GitHub or DropBox for that? Ya know what else ZenDesk is missing... It should debug code people attach to tickets. And quote update requests for me. Yeah, that's what I need, an "Auto-Quote" macro. It's something our organization does all the time, and for what we pay you, we expect you to include this feature as an option! Be a dedicated service for every weird thing we do!





Thank you for posting these attachment limits and answering this question.
Though, I'd like to suggest that maybe the Compare page could utilize some type of unit after the number values in the "Attachment limits" row? Seeing just the numeral "7" is a little vague.




December 30, 2011 08:27
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Ross Edmond

The 20mb upload limit is a major issue for my organization also. We are trying to eliminate and have a single solution. Why would I pay additional fees for box.and redirect my customers there?

I understand that bandwidth is pricey, and have no problem with hosting our video content on youtube, but 20mb is just not enough.

Please fix this issue!

January 19, 2012 09:16
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Karen Liu

My question is if the attachment size limit is a total space on the server per account, or actually per attachment. Does 20MB mean I can only store up to 20 - 1MB files max? Or is it unlimited 20MB files?

I would imagine the first, with no limit on the the actual per attachment size, but I just want this to be clear.

March 20, 2012 14:22
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Joel Sheppard

Our company is also interested in a bit of an increase in attachment size.

Use Case:  To troubleshoot complex problems we have a mechanism to package up all the salient files needed for troubleshooting into a ZIP file.  For some customers this file might exceed 30MB.  I just had a case today where the client cannot send us the file via DropBox or due to the clients internal security regulations (E.g. Banking).  We do have our own FTP Server for large uploads however, this week the company hosting our FTP site is having technical issues so this very important customer cannot get the diagnostics uploaded to us so we can help them - being unable to attach a 45MB file to the ticket has been very frustrating for both the customer (why not allow 50MB as most other support systems allow?  (Customer comment, not mine)) and to us.


I'm not looking for a crazy file size here, 50-75MB for Plus and Ent customers seems like a no-brainer.  

While I understand ZD doesn't want to be a content manager, an inherent part of any support ticket system includes attachments.   If there is an integration with a 3rd party, please... make it transparent to the end users, just allow them to attach the file as they do today...


Joel Sheppard

April 03, 2012 14:58
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Lisa Dileo

We are an Enterprise client and have installed our Zendesk in production. How do we know what the attachment size limit is for our own clients whom logs tickets on our support desk? Is there somewhere to configure this?

thanks Lisa

April 17, 2012 01:20
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Jeremiah Stroup

We pay for Plus+ right now, get the 20MB file size limit.  But with the marketing material passed to various departments in different states (We work distributed), we too run into frustration with the file size limit.  In fact, if enterprise offer bigger file size limits, I would bump up my plan in a heartbeat.

May 03, 2012 14:06
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Garon Davis

This says it was answered but no one has answered the question about enterprise size limit. Is there an official word from zendesk on what the size limit is?

June 14, 2012 11:52
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Joy Carletti

@Garon, Sorry about that! The Enterprise limit is also 20 MB; this info is now listed on our Compare page at

I'll add this in to Jakub's answer up top so it's easier to access.

June 14, 2012 11:55
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Joel Sheppard

I wouldn't call this SOLVED then, the limit is the SAME and very LOW.

Why does ZenDesk resist upping this to 50MB for ENT customers?  Disk is cheap... 

An alternate way to impliment this would be to grant a monthly or annual limit overall, then allow any size attachment and warn us as we approach 75/80/etc %.  If we fail to clean up/archive, delete our old attachments...

Seems silly to leave it at 20MB, stubborn even.


June 14, 2012 12:00
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Ross Edmond

We brought this issue up with our account rep at Zendesk back in January and it was made clear that there would be no change to the file size limit:

"...we made a decision and it is working for the overwhelming majority of our clients. There are outliers, and there always will be, but until we identify that upping the single upload capacity is going to positively impact most of our clients, it isn't something we can consider."

Based on the comments in this thread, I think this issue is worthy of a fresh review by Zendesk.

June 14, 2012 12:07
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Jake Holman
Product Manager
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Hey folks! This is turning more into a feature request, rather than a question (which I think Jakub answered at the top) - if you could please continue the discussion about raising upload limits at it's be very much appreciated!


June 20, 2012 13:32
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