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Can users message each other?

Razvan Neagu
asked this on October 06, 2011 23:09

Trial user here... I am not seeing an obvious way for a user to private message to another user in the Forums. Is this not possible? Seems like a basic Community/Forum feature. I understand that Zendesk is at it's core all about support but as we generally need to crowdsource support, providing usual features that foster the community seem to be a must. Not many better ways to keep customers happy and loyal than to provide them with a strong community when they come to seek assistance.

Exchanging emails publicly is obviously not a good idea and sometimes talking about issues/solutions can involve sensitive subjects.




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Avi Warner
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Hi Razvan,

Sorry for the late reply. Currently we don't have any functionality to support private messaging between users in a forum. 

It's definitely a good idea and you might consider adding this to our feature request forum here:

We have a lot of improvements planned for our forums and would appreciate the input!

August 01, 2012 10:19