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Ticket Sharing numbers

Eric Pasion
suggested this on October 28, 2011 14:38

If we're using ticket sharing, It would be nice to know what ticket number is being used on the zendesk we're sharing the ticket with, and for them to know what the ticket number is on our system so we can communicate better off zendesk.  



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Rollie Villaflor

+1.  this is a much needed feature for us.  

December 02, 2011 13:33
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Søren Kirkager


Very usefull feature!

July 09, 2012 02:08
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Arnaud de Theux
July 09, 2012 03:01
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Matt Cianfarani

This is a really useful feature for us - We are constantly logging into spokes to find ticket ID's.

January 22, 2014 10:41