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Eric Shen
posted this on November 17, 2011 14:42

SAManage is a premier provider of SaaS-based IT asset and service management software that help organizations better control their IT inventory and deliver a superior IT service to their employees. SAManage IT asset management integrated with Zendesk empowers agents to view IT asset configurations from within Zendesk and associate these assets with Zendesk tickets.

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 To install the widget, please follow the steps below.

Locating the widget directory

1) Navigate to your "Settings" tab and click on "Extensions".



2) Click on the "add widget" button.



3) Locate the "SAManage" widget and click to configure.



4) Select whether or not you want to display the widget title and who the widget should be avialable for. There are no additonal settings required for this widget.


Your new "SAManage" widget should now appear in the list of "Active widgets" and can be added to any page within Zendesk.

Adding the SAManage widget to your Tickets page 

1) To add your new SAManage widget to the tickets page, first navigate to a ticket. Then proceed to click on the "Edit widgets on the this page" link.



2) Select the "SAManage" widget from the list.


3) The new widget should now appear in the widgets panel on the right side of the ticketing screen. Enter your SAManage credentials to log in.



4) Once authenticated, you will now have access to the SAManage asset tracking system. When a ticket is loaded, the widget will automatically search SAManage for email address of the requester. It will also make suggestions available that you can click on to search.



5) Click on the "search" button to find an asset. Any assets matching your criteria will be returned in a list.



6) Once you locate the asset that you wish to look into, click on the link to the asset and you will find some information about the asset.

The widget will also provide links to more detailed information in SAManage (such as Software, Incident associated to the asset, Open risks, and Hardware properties) if you want more in depth information about the asset.


7) Finally, you can choose to attach a a particular asset to a ticket, so the next time someone visits the ticket or if the ticket gets re-assigned, the agent doesn't have to search for the asset in question. If you accidentally attach a ticket or need to detach it for any reason, simply click on the "Detach from Ticket" button and the asset will no longer be linked to a ticket.





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Donna Knott

I just wanted to let everyone else who was considering this know, as after spending several days trialing the product and deciding that we wanted to use it, the asset management only solution is ONLY available if you subscribe to a minimum of 50 computers. On the website they have this service advertised at $12 per computer / year but with their minimum amount they have quoted me that the lowest they could go is $600 per year. This is not stated under the SAManage 'pricing' page on their website. 

This has ultimately made our decision for us as this seems a lot to pay when we only wanted one or two users managing the database with the ability of being able to link the hardware and assets to tickets to keep track. From what we could tell it did exactly what we needed it for managing 'other assets' (not items on our own network) and it also had a benefit of contract management included, which would obviously work well alongside zendesk. So if you are a bigger company then this solution might be for you, but we are still unfortunately left with no asset or inventory management solution, to use independently or to integrate with zendesk. 




April 05, 2012 06:11
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Oz Merchant

Thank you for bringing that to our attention. We've updated our pricing page to reflect the 50 asset minimum. We at SAManage are pleased that you found our solution does exactly what you need for managing 'other assets' (not items on your own network) and that it also has the benefit of contract management included, which works well alongside Zendesk. Thousands of SAManage users enjoy these benefits today. 

The SAManage IT Asset Management solution is primarily a system to track IT assets and that is how we have elected to price it -- $12 per computer per year.  For our customers, we also provide the tracking of non-IT assets and we do this free of charge.  Obviously, some customers decide to only track a few of their computers and thereby get the "other asset" capability at a very low cost.  This is OK with us, because most (if not all) of our customers get their real benefit out of the robust tracking of IT hardware and software -- "other assets" is a nice-to-have add-on.  We also find that companies with fewer than 50 computers typically do not have the need for automated IT asset management and find it difficult to justify the cost.

April 06, 2012 06:12
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Ryan Seit

I use SAManage with ZenDesk on a daily basis to assign tickets to client computers/servers/etc. and love it! I'd like to begin using the new ZenDesk console, but noticed that SAManage is not available as an App.


Are there plans or a timeline to integrate SAManage with the new ZenDesk console? Until there is, I'll be working using the old console as this is an integral part of ZenDesk for our organization.

Thanks in advance for your reply and continued awesomeness,


December 05, 2012 12:22
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Eric Shen

This request was closed and merged into request #307522 "SAManage App for the new ZenDesk...".

December 06, 2012 08:46
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Lars Ravnholdt Frederiksen

Can't find SAManage app for the new Zendesk?

January 30, 2013 12:45
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Oz Merchant

Lars, the SAManage widget is completed and waiting for review by Zendesk. It should be live and available in the Zendesk App store in the upcoming week(s).

January 30, 2013 13:31
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JJ McMahon

Would love to know when this is available. We are going live with Zendesk at the end of the week. 

February 13, 2013 05:32
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Eric Shen

Greetings all,

The new SAManage application for the new Zendesk is now available!  Navigate to the application directory (Manage Cog->Browse) and click on the "install" button over the SAManage icon to install.  I'll be updating these instructions to be in line with the new application.

February 19, 2013 18:01