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Facebook, Dynamic Content, SugarCRM and Fixed Stuff

Jake Holman
posted this on December 14, 2011 16:31

New Stuff

Fixed Stuff

  • Skype sends the incoming number as "0", which we would also display inside of Zendesk. Instead, we'll now display "Unknown Number" to avoid confusion. 
  • The agent "Call Dashboard" was occasionally double counting agent accepts, declines, and missed - this should no longer happen.
  • We were having trouble creating sandboxes if any of the Admins had a custom role. This should no longer cause any issues. 
  • This year Russia decided to no longer support Daylight Savings. We recognized this when it happened, but forgot Russia has 3 timezones, and only adjusted the Moscow timezone. We've now corrected this. 
  • Zendesk, in very rare cases, had trouble interpreting the "To" field of an inbound email. This causes us to not add CCs correctly to some tickets. This is now resolved.
  • We had some problems with tickets not being able to be recovered from the suspended queue. These issues should now be resolved.
  • When logged out of your Zendesk account, you can select a different language to display Zendesk in. If you do this while logged out, and then log into your account, we would show you the language previously selected rather than that which is selected in your user profile. This was caused by a caching issue which is now resolved.


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Mazhar Shah Seo

How can i quite from new Facebook profile timeline. I am happy with old one, How can i activate again old version.. Your positive response will be highly appreciated.

February 29, 2012 23:43
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Arnaud de Theux


I don't think Zendesk will be able to help you regarding a Facebook question. Also, Facebook related, there is no way to get back to "before-timeline".

March 01, 2012 01:28
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