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Jake Holman
posted this on March 15, 2012 17:47

New Stuff

Fixed Stuff

  • When merging tickets, we would strip some content from the original comment (which gets placed into the target merge ticket) a little too aggressively. We should stop doing this now.
  • In some languages, casing of strings were being forced into lower case. This should no longer happen.
  • A small change in URL targets cause some outbound calls to change the way we encoded data. This should no longer be the case, and should not cause any issues for existing URL target integrations.
  • Our requester autocomplete field was misbehaving with some characters. We fixed this during the week.
  • A small change in the JIRA API caused issues for our JIRA widget. This was resolved during the week.
  • Our listing of tags in Manage > Tags would sometimes include out of date counts. We've resolved this.
  • When receiving a forwarded email from Gmail, the headers were different from other mail clients. As a result it caused us to misinterpret the original sender for our "Agent Forwarding" feature. This is now resolved.
  • If a monitored Twitter handle was deleted on Twitter itself, it would cause errors to display when accessing Settings > Channel > Twitter. This is now resolved.
  • A long account name would cause our mobile friendly interface masthead to break. This is now resolved.
  • After saving a ticket we redirect you to the last page you came from. If this is a view, we take you back to the last page you looked at, but if that page didn't exist Zendesk would take you to the first page in the view. This was incorrect, and we should now take you to the last possible page if the page we tried to redirect you to no longer exists.
  • Bulk updating Twickets in some cases would change the subject line. This was unintended and fixed.
  • When creating a Twitter saved search, you can specify a default reply account. Unfortunately this wasn't always sticking, but should now work correctly.
  • When responding to an email notification from Zendesk, agents are able to set the email as low priority by using priority flags in their email client. Zendesk will set the priority as low in Zendesk when they receive that update from an agent, but in some cases Zendesk will include the text "Priority: low" in the comment text. This will no longer happen.
  • Agent signatures were being excluded from the initial follow up description if the follow-up was initiated by an agent, this should no longer happen.
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