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Joy Gamotin
suggested this on April 09, 2012 09:36

I noticed that when a ticket has been rated by a customer as Bad for instance, once this ticket is Opened again and if someone else answers the ticket, that person will have the Bad Rating instead of the original agent who was rated for the feedback.

I was told there is no work around for now, but if you are running a team of supports and if you want to check the individual performance, this is a big deal already. You might want to look at this. 




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Jakub Glodek

Hi Joy,

Are you referring to the dashboard score or when you actually click into the score for a view of tickets with the rating?

The way that the rating system works is that the rating that is posted on the dashboard reflects that agent's satisfaction ratings that were received when the agent was the assignee on the ticket. As for what you see when you click on the count is the current tickets assigned to the agent that have the said rating. Those two systems are not linked as one gathers the data differently than the other.


June 22, 2012 15:07
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Maiken O'Byrne

I think what happens is, that the rating is based on the last interaction the requester had with the assignee, but that the ticket has since been transferred to another agent. This often happens if an agent cannot handle a specific request, which may require a bit more time to be resolved by another agent.

We request the feedback of tickets that are still open (or pending) as we only close tickets once a specific deadline has passed or action taken by the requester.

The requester has only been in contact with Agent 1, they get the request for feedback, and base it on the response to date with the Agent 1. Yet the ticket is now signed over to Agent 2, and they are shown as "owner" of the score.

Makes sense?

January 22, 2013 13:25