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Introducing API v2, new Harvest Widget & Fixed stuff

Jake Holman
posted this on April 27, 2012 16:27

Hey everyone,

Two big updates for you this week, along with a bunch of improvements in our interface currently in beta: Lotus

New Stuff

  • Check out our new API, now in beta! We've also started a new developer portal at which currently hosts full documentation of API v2, and will eventually host documentation about our upcoming App framework.  We encourage you to check out the docs and join our API community.  See the official announcement here.
  • Users of our new Harvest widget now have an upgraded widget.  This new widget uses oAuth for authorization and includes new features such as a built-in timer, ability to pre-format notes with placeholders, and ability to intelligently associate a ticket requester with the correct Harvest project. For more information:
  • Adding a default group is now possible for all accounts.
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