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Tag handling bug from June 12 to June 28

Paul Deuter
posted this on July 15, 2012 18:33

We recently identified a bug with our tag handling and custom field code. We've since resolved the bug but as a result of it there was a period beginning on June 12th and ending on June 28th where under certain conditions tags associated with custom fields were not correctly set.  We believe this impacted a very small group of customers, but we would like to be transparent about the issue and post this announcement for customers who think they may have been affected.


This bug was caused by an upgrade to our Ruby interpreter (from REE to 1.9.3).  The bug manifested itself by changing the order in which tags were applied to a ticket.  Before the Ruby update, we applied the tags from the tag box first, then we applied tags resulting from custom field next.  After the Ruby update, the order of steps changed and was no longer being checked.


As a result of the bug, it was possible to have a custom field set a tag, and have that tag overwritten if another tag field change also occurred in the same ticket update.

So if a custom field named "User Issue" was set to "Forgot Password" which should have added the tag "forgot_password" and the agent also manually added the tag "sign_on_problem", in some cases only the tag "sign_on_problem" was set in the ticket and the "forgot_password" tag was lost.

If these problems occurred in your tickets they would have occurred from June 12th to June 19th.  If in your set up you added or changed tags by two different methods and you’ve seen problems with your tickets, please let us know.


This bug was reported to us on June 28th  and we investigated and deployed a fix the same day. We would like to thank those customers who reported the bug and worked with us to find the cause and test the change.  As a result of this bug we have strengthened our testing of hash ordering (which was a behavioral change in the Ruby interpreter and how it impacts the product).


If you see unexplained absences of custom fields, we encourage you to check tags on your recent tickets. We apologize to you if you were impacted by this bug.


Zendesk Engineering.