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Localized Feedback Tabs and fixed stuff

Jake Holman
posted this on July 20, 2012 15:12

New Stuff

  • We no longer use images to show the Feedback Tab. This means the text you see on the feedback tab is now text, and using some CSS magic we flip it to the side. As a result of this, the string that appears on the that tab is fully localized to the language of the feedback tab at set up. This is only for newly created feedback tabs, from today onward

Fixed Stuff

  • In Firefox, some portions of the "Choose your number" step during initial Zendesk Voice set up were misaligned. This is now resolved
  • On invoices for Zendesk Voice, the hour/minute/second timestamps were not correctly displaying, showing only 00:00:00 - these will now display correctly
  • In some edge cases, CCs would get double notified. We try and be intelligent about CC notification, so that if an end-user replies to an email notification and adds an email address on their end to the CC line, when Zendesk receives this it will add that additional email address as a CC on the ticket, but will not notify them since they've already been emailed by the end-user. This now works as intended
  • Some characters in the problem drop down (seen when selecting "Issue" as a ticket's type) was over escaping some content, resulting in displaying odd strings. This should no longer be the case
  • You were unable to create macros which set the ticket type to "Task", this is now resolved
  • We now display a link to the previously closed ticket when an end-user views a "follow up" ticket in the web interface
  • There were some styling issues for uploaded favicons. We were adding a background color when showing them in the web interface (when looking at Settings > Account > Branding) which we have since removed
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