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Phone Number Nicknames and Fixes

Jake Holman
posted this on August 02, 2012 14:18

New Stuff

  • Provisioned phone numbers, acquired through Zendesk Voice, can now have a nickname associated with them. This will make it easier to distinguish between multiple phone numbers.

Fixed Stuff

  • The SAManage Widgets was incorrectly caching certain properties. This resulted in the widget occasionally returning incorrect search results
  • The icons shown next to ticket comments (the green or gray bubbles) should also represent the channel the comment was made on. Zendesk was showing incorrect icons for the channel the comment was made on
  • When previewing a report in Zendesk, if there was an error due to a misconfiguration, the error message simply said "Dn" rather than the correct error message highlighting you to the problem
  • The overview reporting page (Manage > Reporting > Overview tab) was slightly miscalculating "First Response Time". Normal reports and GoodData were not affected. The error has been adjusted which may cause you to see a slight spike in the spark-line
  • Some ticket placeholders (type, status, via and priority) were not rendering in the correct language
  • "Related Topics" widget would flicker on the page if there was no content
  • Our JIRA widget was having some problems working on accounts that had an older SSL certificate version
  • Attachments were missing from api/v2/topics end points
  • #public short tag for the mail API was causing some parsing issues
  • Nested resources within API payloads have the ability to be paginated, but the pagination URLs were incorrect
  • Macro application API was not correctly passing down tags
  • Some attachments coming into Zendesk were getting renamed because the content-disposition was not RFC compliant


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Lisa Dimitrowa

hi Jake,

Great news about the number names! However, I expected these names would be visible when an agent gets the pop-up call alert. I just tested it but you see only the number of the end-user. We work with several brands/numbers and therefore it's important we can see who's calling for which brand (so we know how to start the conversation). 

Will this be incorporated?

Kind regards, Lisa

August 03, 2012 03:58
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