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Big Enhancements to Ticket Sharing & Fixed Stuff

Jake Holman
posted this on August 20, 2012 12:07

New Stuff

  • Admins can now share tickets with a third party application. This is intended for those who would like to build a ticket sharing end-point with Zendesk, to either share tickets directly into Zendesk, or share tickets outside of Zendesk to a legacy backend, for example. You can find details on building your ticket sharing platform at
  • Admins are able to delete ticket sharing agreements. You must first deactivate a ticket sharing agreement before it can be removed. Once an agreement is completely removed, any tickets previously being shared under that agreement will cease to sync any comments or field data
  • Admins will now be sooner informed when an agreement was successfully, or unsuccessfully, sent to the recipient
  • Agents will now be able to see how long they have left to accept a call with Zendesk Voice, before it is routed to another agent
  • Agents who miss a call or try to accept but encounter an error will now be have clearer messaging on the interface

Fixed Stuff

  • We introduced some further refactoring to our mail rendering, which should now mean far less invalid HTML (unclosed paragraph tags, trailing, etc)
  • In some cases Zendesk Voice recordings were not being added to tickets after the call had finished
  • Some API v2 end points lacked the necessary pagination objects
  • In some API v2 end points tickets that no longer existed were being included, mainly affecting metrics and satisfaction ratings
  • In some cases bogus email addresses were being added as CCs on tickets by Zendesk
  • The mobile friendly version of the Zendesk interface was incorrectly showing "Log in with OpenID" despite the feature being turned off on an account
  • When a user attempted to access a forum article that required log in, the wrong error was being shown


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community engine

Regarding CC's on Zendesk, its worth noting that when Person A emails Person B (adds their email address in the To: field) and adds in our support email address in the CC field, it flips these details around when the ticket is created in Zendesk, making the support email address as the Requester, and Person B as the CC. This shouldn't happen as we have CC's turned off. This definitely is unexpected behaviour and one that I'm hoping is fixed in the near future.

The expected behaviour would be to see Person A as the ticket requester, and no CC added (ie, Person B's email address is dropped off) and the support email address as the recipient. At least if we have an option to configure this behaviour to our liking (so that those who like how it operates now can keep using it that way, and those like me who need it to work the other way around can also make that happen at the flick of a switch) that'd be great.

August 20, 2012 16:51
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Arnaud de Theux

"Admins are able to delete ticket sharing agreements" => awesome, got quite a few failed attempts there :-)

August 21, 2012 04:41
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Hi there.

A couple of days ago when I was sharing tickets between my spoke and my hub there was a URL in the hub ticket with the link to the spoke ticket.  Today it is gone.  What happened?  We need a way to reference a ticket and email from a spoke as our users call in with a ticket # or email address and we have no way of finding them in our hub without getting all of the ticket #'s that match across all the spokes.

Any ideas?


August 21, 2012 19:14
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Jake Holman
Product Manager

@Rosanne any idea if that was something our internal account services team built for you?

August 22, 2012 09:59
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@Jake hmmm...  not sure.  I know I opened a request for how to reference the ticket.  If they did, I would love to have it back.  I'll contact support.  Thanks.

August 22, 2012 10:26
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Matt McFedries

The new template looks great... how can I update the link to the ticket to use the Lotus url, it's currently going to the old version. Tx!

August 26, 2012 21:52
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Alan Feldman

Appears that now comments added in a Jira ticket are now public for End User initiated tickets by default. Would like comments to be private by default. Can that be configured in sharing agreement.

August 27, 2012 06:08
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Jake Holman
Product Manager

@Alan: Please contact as that sounds like a bug, unrelated to the new template

@Matt: Once we announce that the new interface is formally live, you'll be able to adopt early and switch your account over - that will mean those links to tickets will correctly redirect you into the new interface. More on that soon.

August 27, 2012 12:20
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community engine

@Jake, not sure how you managed to miss my feedback and not give any response to it?

September 09, 2012 18:14
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Tim Henager

Zendesk shows 2 "pending" sharing invites to Jira, but Jira shows zero pending invites. A third invitation was sent, and the connection was successful and we now have ticket sharing enabled. HOWEVER, it does not actually share the ticket and I think the culprit are these two legacy pending ticket sharing agreements that I do not have access to 'cancel' from either ZenDesk or Jira.


Can you help with this one? Seems very much related to these enhancements and the ability to 'delete' ticket sharing agreements. 



September 17, 2012 14:54
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I'm having the same problem as Tim, I have set up Ticket Sharing but there are about 3 old attempts and I can't seem to deactivate or delete them in Zendesk....any ideas how to do this Jake? I've attached a screenshot of this.

Tim did you manage to delete the agreements in the end? I still cannot share tickets betweek JIRA and Zendesk and I went through the instructions like 4 times...




October 15, 2012 15:37
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Kristof De Loof

We also seem to have this problem. I already found how to delete active shares, but not how to delete the old pending shares.

Would be good if I could do a cleanup.

November 19, 2012 01:29
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Evandro Ribeiro

Hi people,

this is a common issue, I also have the same problem...


November 19, 2012 02:25
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Kalju Rüütli

Same here - can not delete the agreements. Clicking on "view" results with generic error message: "Request unsuccessful: error"

Screenshot attached

February 21, 2013 09:09
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Kalju Rüütli

In addition to previous comment (i'm using JIRA OnDemand):

* creating new "Zendesk Ticket Sharing Agreement" in Zendesk

* after clicking "Send" the modal is stuck in "sending...", see attached

* however, JIRA still receives the agreement

* after accepting agreement in JIRA (see attached) nothing happens in Zendesk, "Share tickets with Atlassian JIRA" modal still shows "sending..."

* after refresh the agreement is in "Pending" status...

Any ideas as of why???

February 21, 2013 09:26
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Justin Seymour

Hey Kalju: 

Can you send an email to with the above details for further troubleshooting? Thanks!

February 21, 2013 10:41
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HI Kalju, in my experience with the integration everything you describe is just how it is. You just need to close the open sharing agreement dialog in Zendesk and then refresh the sharing agreement page and you'll see the active sharing agreement. You can't delete sharing agreements eg; the pending ones, I've been told on a support ticket that they don't do any harm. 



February 21, 2013 12:02
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Kalju Rüütli


Sent the e-mail with details... 

February 22, 2013 00:50
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