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Forbidden error when calling V2 API after V1 API call

Christophe Herreman
asked this on September 03, 2012 11:44


I'm working on an Adobe AIR application that calls the Zendesk APIs from ActionScript. I'm using the V2 API to create tickets, and the V1 API to reply to tickets using the X-On-Behalf header (because of a known issue, found on the forum).

After a reply is sent, I reload the ticket using the V2 API, but get an error stating that I don't have access to do so. Also, from then on I can't load the tickets as I always get the error message. Restarting my application allows me to fetch tickets again.

I'm authenticating using the Admin account and pass in the end user e-mail address to the X-On-Behalf header.

Any ideas?

- Christophe



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DeVaris Brown
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Have you figured this error out? Have you tried to use our requests endpoint?

December 04, 2012 03:33