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New Mobile Customer Portal, Improvements to Chat and Fixes

Steven Yan
posted this on September 05, 2012 09:59

New Stuff

  • Last week, we released a new mobile customer portal to allow your customers to more easily search and browse your knowledge base content and submit tickets.  See our official announcement to learn more about its new features and how to brand your portal.
  • We have enhanced how concurrent chats are controlled in Zendesk.  The "Maximum chat requests per agent" previously controlled the maximum number of chat invitations that could be received by an agent at one time.  This now controls the maximum number of live chats that any agent can handle at one time.  When an agent accepts the maximum number of live chats, they will no longer receive new chat invitations.  If the agent ends a chat, they will be able to receive new invitations.
  • Chat invitations now include a link to the existing ticket or the chat requester's organization when applicable.
  • Enterprise customers using GoodData for Zendesk can now export up to 200 custom fields.

Fixed Stuff

  • Unnecessary text was included in responses sent from ThunderBird and BlackBerry email clients.  These are now properly removed and should no longer appear on ticket comments.
  • Retrieving comments in API v2 via /api/v2/requests/{id}/comments.json no longer returns an error.
  • Retrieving sharing agreement information via API v2 via /api/v2/tickets/{id}.json no longer returns an error.
  • In the mobile customer portal, when defined for an agent, the agent's display name is shown on forum topic entries instead of the agent's real name.
  • In the mobile customer portal, end-users can now confirm their email identity.
  • In the mobile customer portal, improvements to logo and image scaling.  Zendesk should properly calculate width/height of uploaded mobile logos on high resolution devices, and images now scale more smoothly when rotating between portrait and landscape modes.
  • In the mobile customer portal, tapping "Load more" articles button now allows users to view articles beyond the second page.


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Ben Rohrs
Product Manager

The ability to export 200 custom fields to GoodData is slightly delayed. We hope to release this functionality later in the week.

September 10, 2012 14:53
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Michael Ilves

is there any chance of Chat development where the internet tab indicates an incoming chat is present? (similar to what gchat does with incoming chats).

January 25, 2013 08:26
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Steven Yan
Product Manager

Michael, it's something we are considering along with Notification Center and Chrome/Firefox desktop notifications. No ETA at this time, however.

January 25, 2013 11:13
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