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Ticket Templates

Jason Wood
suggested this on October 07, 2010 06:09

Have the ability where you can create a new ticket from a template (like a Macro).

So we have some main parts of or business that are vital, so across our 70 stores we have WAN Links, Airports, POS machines, so we could create a ticket for anything that is regular or important, i.e Setting Up New Staff Members in the our system.

We have added fields in our ticket creation on entry points, so we could create a template when a store rings us and says that their POS machine is not printing. The ticket could then be created for this job in a matter of seconds (all I would need to add would be the user), I could spend more time on fixing the user issue rather than creating the ticket.



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Ewan Nisbet

Is there any update / status on this suggestion?I think it is a useful one

June 28, 2012 23:48