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Is the Image Upload feature not available for regular users?

David Desrosiers
asked this on November 10, 2010 07:41

It looks like only my agents have access to the feature that allows to upload an image into a forum post...I have this possibility as an agent but the html/wisiwig editor does not appear whe I log as an agent.

Is it a feature based on the type of user or is there a way I can activate it for everyone. - Cause that's what I'd like to do.



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I don't quite understand why it would be different. My users will definitely want to post screen shots or use a math editor when creating online content.

February 25, 2011 13:04
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Will Scarbrough

Seriously, this is a major gap!!!!  Adding an image is such a basic need to make the community able to communicate well!

June 09, 2011 12:36
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Check Answer

Seconded.  We're actually finding many features missing from these forms, including the ability to add an image or a simple URL (currently you can't link text unless you're an agent; end-users can only put the URL itself, eg.

June 09, 2011 21:08
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Check Answer

Oh, another -- editing your own comment.  I also wanted to add that the text box is too small for longer entries, but then I remembered -- oh yeah, we can't edit our own comments either!

June 09, 2011 21:09
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Kevin Vanscoder

Hi All, 

Thanks for all of the feedback. Unfortunately, you are all correct that allowing end users to have the same tools as agents  is not currently an option in the existing system. Currently, this is more of a feature request because it would require making some modifications to the current forum post editor. After checking with out product team I was able to confirm that we are exploring other forum commenting options to hopefully address this but currently there is not a solid ETA on when this may occur. 

June 18, 2012 12:15