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Change "Undisclosed recipients" in CC notification email to the actual email addresses

Patrick Casiano
suggested this on January 21, 2011 15:23

We have allowed our requesters to cc people on their ticket requests so that not to much has to change on their side when they contact us.  This is especially useful for our dealers who have sold our product to their customers and want to be kept abreast of what product headquarters is saying.

One of the complaints that we have been getting from our customers is the "undisclosed-recipients:" causes a bounce back when they reply to all.  It makes sense to us who are technically savvy but not to those who only need to have their issue resolved.  In the notification we say they have been cc'd so it is intuitive for the cc'd individual to reply to all when they need to say something (you know like how email has worked for years) but it is not really the correct thing to do since zendesk is managing the notification fanouts.  

Is there any way to make it administratively configurable to show the actual email addresses of the cc list in the cc line of the email notification that is sent to them instead of the "Undisclosed Recipients"?  Our customers are used to email and I think to ask them to change their emailing habits in contacting us is unreasonable.