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Support for html email receipt

Andrew Martyn
asked this on February 16, 2011 04:23

We receive some emails in html format (since it is a copy of a customer invoice) and when they come into Zendesk they are broken into text and all sense of the invoice is gone.

Is there a setting somewhere to allow html email receipt?



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Gilles Beraudo

Same question on my side. I know there are other topics explaining that embedding third party HTML into your own web site raises some XSS risks. At least is there a way to download incoming HTML emails as attachments?


April 05, 2012 10:40
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Justin Seymour
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At the moment, all HTML content is stripped for security reasons and to prevent bad rendering of that HTML content. You can use HTML in trigger notifications, the forums, and in your email template, however. This is definitely a popular discussion point, though we currently have no plans to render HTML in the ticket comment. There's an active feature request here, and I'd encourage you to add your thoughts to the thread. 

April 05, 2012 12:18
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Smith, Stephen R.

We would also like to see this become possible as we also receive emails that end up opening tickets within our system, that come to us in HTML format, and we can't change that.

June 15, 2012 10:49
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Jennifer Rowe

Thanks Stephen! Please be sure to add your comment to the related feature request here, if you haven't already!

June 15, 2012 11:05