Forbidden error when submitting new tickets using API

We're using the Zendesk API to submit support requests directly from our site (psonar.com).

The problem is that approximately 50% of the time, a 'Forbidden' error is returned and the request isn't submitted.

Does anyone know if there any reason for this?

It's causing us major headaches because not only do we have to check Zendesk for support tickets, we also have to manually trawl our database and create tickets for the ones that get rejected.

I've asked Zendesk support, but was told by Mike Warren that I'm not paying for a high enough level of support for them to offer coding support, even though it's almost certainly not a fault with the code, given that it works some of the time.

Here's what little information is returned:


Type : System.Net.WebException, System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089

Message : The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

Source : System

Help link :

Status : ProtocolError

Response : System.Net.HttpWebResponse

Data : System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal

TargetSite : System.Net.WebResponse GetResponse()

Stack Trace :    at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()

   at ZenDeskManager.cs:line 72

Incidentally I'm more than happy to give anyone our C# code to do the submission, to save others writing it. It's pretty straightforward and I can't see that it's our fault the requests work on a random basis. Just give me a shout and i'll send it across.





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