Google Apps integration

Especially with Zendesk being a popular listing on the Google Marketplace, we've heard a lot of customer feedback about integration with Google Apps.  The most popular request has been Google OpenID integration, which is on our roadmap.  In addition to implementing Google OpenID, we'd like to give our customers the opportunity to help define a compelling and seamless workflow that brings the Zendesk experience into Google Apps.  Current features under consideration for the roadmap are:

  • Single sign-on:  Login to Zendesk with Google OpenID.
  • Agent on-boarding:  On-board users from your Google Apps domain as agents.
  • Universal navigation:  One-click access to Zendesk from the Google Apps navigation bar.
  • Calendar integration:  View outstanding Zendesk tasks on your Google Calendar.
  • Document sharing:  Access and share your Google Docs when creating or updating a ticket.
  • Gadget integration:  Embed important Zendesk data into iGoogle or as Google Apps contextual gadgets.

What will improve your experience and enable you to better support your customers through Google Apps and Zendesk?  We invite you to share your ideas!


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