How to prevent over-surveying customers?

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  • Andrew J
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    I'm looking at a possibility for this - it's not a major for us - we do survey every ticket that meets a couple of parameters (only does certain groups and excludes some overly common issues)

    I was thinking the flow would be a bit like the below - we'd need to use from http targets to achieve this I think.

    • Client creates ticket via email etc…
    • If ticket does not have tag csat_prevent (inherited from user tag) add tag request_csat AND add user tag csat_prevent (this will need http target I suspect - no action option for this)
    • Change CSAT mail to only fire when request_csat is present
    • Add automation for ticket: since solved > 5 days,  and csat offered… to remove user tag. (This will need http target too)

    This is just a suggested outline - not sure if it is all possible yet.

  • Colin Piper
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    The way I used to achieve this is very messy so I ripped it out. But I had a custom field on the customer record which is just a count but has tonbe a dropdown field. When a ticket is created, the tag for that field is copied to the ticket and I had a series of triggers to handle each possible value. On one and two I simply incremented the counter by setting the next value. On three I would tag the ticket to say that a chat could be sent then set the count back to zero.
    Note. If you try this. You must have the triggers ordered from 3 down to zero otherwise they will fire each time.

  • Lester
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    I saw this over in the Tips and Tricks section.

    It might be useful


  • Jim Jones
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    Thanks for the link, Lester - I will check it out!

  • Arno N
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    Please implement this possibility, otherwise the CSAT functionality is of no use to us. We definitely do not want to send the same question more than once a month to the same user.


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