Automatically send reminders for pending tickets and close if no response

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  • Ryan Whittaker
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    Is it possible to set this up for when a macro is used?

    We currently have a macro for investigations that advises we will conclude in 7 business days. Is possible that once that macro is used and the ticket is set to pending the clock begins and in 7 business days i will get a reminder stating i must close the ticket today?

  • Heather Rommel
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    @Ryan, yes!

    Have the macro add a tag like pending_solvein7 or anything unique really. 

    Then set up an automation that looks for that tag, hours since pending (business) is 56 **adjust based on 7 days worth of your business hours** and then perform these actions: Status = Solved **I recommend using solve and not closed status so that your ticket doesn't go straight to uneditable state** and add tag solvedin7

    As the original poster stated, remember to add that last trigger that removes the pending_solvein7 AND solvedin7 in case the end user reopens the ticket....

    Hope this helps!




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