HC - display most voted community posts on home page (à la UserVoice)

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  • Vladan Jovic
    Community Moderator

    10 most popular posts from specific topic,
    should be possible with the help of ZD API. Documentation:

    There are endpoints for votes.



  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for your response, Vladan. Wiktor, let us know if this works for you or if there's any additional information we can provide. 

  • Wiktor Walc

    Thank you Vladan & Nicole for your help. I will give it a try on Monday and let you know.

    BTW. there is a chance that I faced some weird technical issue. I got a notification via email that there was a reply from Vladan, I could read his anser in this email, but when I visited Zendesk HC, there was no comment from Vladan. The only thing that was rendered below my question was "1 comment". The answer from Vladan was not rendered. I refreshed the page, cleared cache and nothing helped. Maybe a temporary technical issue, but if someone elase already reported it, it happened to me too.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for letting us know, Wiktor. I suspect this was related to an AWS outage that happened earlier this week and was effecting images on several threads/articles, but do let us know if it happens again. 


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