Community discussion: How do you assign tickets?

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  • Graham Foster

    We have 2 helpdesk systems - 1 EU and 1 "Global" (aka USA). I wrote our assignment system which uses the Zendesk API via Google Sheets and their automation tools to allocate tickets based on

    • Group that the ticket is assigned to (specific market segments)
    • Skills required for the ticket (something we call Call Type) and is broadbrush breakdown of the technology / product that the issue is about
    • Agent availability - i.e. are they working, (or on vacation or public holiday for their site)
    • Agents can  have "primary" responsibilities and "other" responsibilities allowing them to pickup tickets from other queues if not fully busy.

    An agent has an allocated "maximum ticket load" and all helpdesk environments are read and consolidated such that we know how many open tickets every agent has.

    We then determine who gets the ticket by assigning it to the least busy person who is available for work.(People on vacation or public holiday are unavailable for work). All this is calculated using the timezone the resolver lives in (from USA to Japan). We also try to ensure that Agents don't get assigned tickets immediately before holidays, i.e. we allow them time to respond / resolve or redirect the ticket before the end of their day.

    The great thing about this is that all this is addition to the power of triggers and automations available within Zendesk, and doesn't require the deployment of any additional hardware  systems. You do Google sheets automations simply by scheduling your function to run at specific intervals. Really cool!

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Joran,

    You'll most likely want to take a look at our Trigger Recipes articles which provides a list of useful trigger recipes and how to create them.

    If you're looking for some additional assistance, can you provide more information on the attributes/criteria you're looking at?


  • Au Finh Saechao

    So great to see all of the different methods being used to assign tickets here.

    We also have the Playlist Ticket Assignment app, which has been on the Zendesk Marketplace for a little over a year now. We just recently introduced a round-robin option.

    Check out the demo


    • Runs every 2 minutes
    • Use a classic, round-robin model or route tickets to least loaded agents first
    • Use existing views to set up queues
    • Drag and drop to change priority of queues
    • Agents can set their status to Online, Away, or Invisible
    • Managers can manage statuses under the Team tab
    • Set an inbox limit to control how many tickets agents can work on at a time

    We'll also be adding support for Skills-based routing soon. 



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