Mark first note as internal Note for one Organisation

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  • Jiri Fait

    Hi, we have certain tickets where we would appreciate this possibility too. So I would like to know if its possible too...

  • Cedric Jacob

    Hello Timothée and Jiri,

    I hope this reply finds you both well and healthy.

    I do not believe this is something one would accomplish using Zendesk as intended. 

    However, I am sure you can find a workaround to accomplish this. The following options are supposed to be food for thought. Maybe some ideas you can play with.

    Option 1)

    If this is supposed to apply to one company only, maybe create a personal request form for their use only. You could use HTML and PHP as well as Zendesk's rest API to create the ticket form.

    curl https://{subdomain} \
      -d '{"ticket": {"subject": "My printer is on fire!", "comment": { "body": "The smoke is very colorful." }}}' \
      -H "Content-Type: application/json" -v -u {email_address}:{password} -X POST

    The comment seems to be its own little object and allows you to set the property "public" to false just like this:

    curl https://{subdomain} \
      -d '{"ticket": {"subject": "My printer is on fire!", "comment": { "public": false, "body": "The smoke is very colorful." }}}' \
      -H "Content-Type: application/json" -v -u {email_address}:{password} -X POST

    I found a create article written by Adam regarding the custom form you would need to create:

    Option 2)

    Would it be enough if the description could be changed to a private note when reviewing the ticket? In that case you might want to create a custom app, that sits in the side bar of the ticket.

    In this case you may be able to use Zendesk's rest API to update the ticket instead.

    Hope that helps,





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