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  • Joel Hellman

    Good question though I don't have the answer. But 200 triggers should pose no problem, if that helps. 

  • Cody

    Hey Oren!

    You submitted a ticket about this as well but I wanted to post my answer in case others had the same question. When a ticket is created, it runs through the existing triggers in the account. Technically, yes, every additional trigger will cause the ticket creation to take slightly longer (but we're talking hundredths of a second)

    We don't have benchmarks or times for this type of action. How long a ticket takes to run through certain triggers is dependent on what conditions are on those triggers and how many triggers actually fire on the ticket. Even on some of our larger accounts with 1000+ triggers, the runs only take a second or so to process. For most accounts it's far less than that, but as mentioned, it really depends on the conditions and actions that are being taken. 

    Customers should feel free to create as many business rules as they feel are necessary to have the optimal workflow. As a best practice, I would refrain from creating business rules you might not need. 

    Hope this helps. 

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

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