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  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Cedric - 

    Thanks for the feedback. Can you tell us more about which data points you would be looking for and how frequently you would be pulling these numbers?

  • Cedric MOURIZARD

    Hi Nicole,

    We want to generate our own stats based on calls log more than the latest 24 hours like in the current API.



  • Maxwell Bo Blessen

    I also would like this feature. An api to get the data similar to the Settings -> Talk -> History call logs. We would like to create a daily report of all outbound calls made that day. 

    We need to also attatch other relavent information about that call from our backend. So we need to pull the call history first. 

  • Alex Bullen


    I need this feature as well. I would like to have access to all call data to be able to search and perform analysis on arrival patterns, handling patterns etc.

    I need to see individual calls including the following data for each call:

    • Start Time
    • End Time
    • Wait time
    • Call Time
    • Hold Time
    • Wrap time
    • Agent Id (if handled)
    • Queue
    • Direction (inbound / outbound)
    • Abandoned Time (if abandoned)

    And obviously I would like to be able to search for this information.


    Sorry I should have commented on frequency. For our solution, which is a workforce management product, we need to be able to monitor in close to real time and also create and update our future forecasts - which can occur less frequently.

    I have also raised a feature request for a streaming API to allow us to subscribe to call events in real time. 

  • Alex Bullen

    I think this has now been resolved - at least for my purposes. This incremental calls API allows you to pull this data:




  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing with everyone else Alex :)


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