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  • Kris Scuteri

    Hi Megan,

    What did you end up doing for this?  I would like to show how often we give the right solution on our first contact.  This is not the same as a one touch necessarily because we may have to probe for additional information (from what was initially given), which increments public comments and throws out the 1-touch metric that already exists.  Basically, if the ticket is marked solved and the requester doesn't reopen the ticket or reopened the ticket with a thank you (which we solve again without comment), that means we solved it on first contact.


    Maybe I need to ask this as another question in the community, but curious what you did.

  • Stephen Belleau

    Kris, I'm not OP but it sounds like your requirement is to fail FCR if an agent adds a reply AFTER a ticket was previously solved. Here's a suggestion:

    Trigger 1 - When ticket is solved, add tag: FCR

    Trigger 2 - When agent adds a public comment AND FCR tag is present, remove FCR tag and add failed_fcr tag


    Would something like that work?

  • Kris Scuteri

    That could possibly work.  My agents are taught to not say you're welcome if someone says thank you so if the requester is replying after the ticket is solved its potentially because the person says that we didn't solve their challenge, meaning we didn't solve on first contact.  Of course there are some flaws with this because the person could reopen the ticket for a completely different challenge and yeah we could leave the ticket pending until we hear back that we provided the proper solution (or for a defined period of time), but all of this increases overhead.  Yes we could have the agent mark a checkbox saying solved on first contact and remove as necessary but im trying to automate as much as possible.


    I'll look into how the trigger would play out.  I was initially thinking a custom metric but perhaps I can get this to work through triggers.  Thanks.

  • Stephen Belleau

    Yes, we've got the same challenge with end-users reopening a ticket for a completely different reason. You might want to lend your voice to this feedback thread:

    From there, someone recommended this app which allows agents to splice the latest comment into a brand new ticket:

    Might be worth a try!

  • Megan Mahoney

    Hi Kris, 

    Unfortunately, we just don't track this metric since it's so difficult to measure without introducing human error. 

    Looks like Stephen provided a possible workaround. Good luck! 


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