Triggers: Number of Requester Replies

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  • John Trumble
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    We have a need for this capability too.

    We're using the Answer Bot feature but we don't ever want Answer Bot to fire on a ticket created by one of our agents (e.g. on behalf of our end user, or to notify the end user of an issue, etc.).

    We'd like this to be as foolproof as possible and not require agents to remember to set a custom ticket tag when creating these tickets, for example.

    If I could set a condition of Requester Comments >= 1, then (together with a few other conditions) the Answer Bot trigger would only fire in response to a ticket created by an end user.  I can't figure out another way to enforce a similar condition, and Support couldn't either.

    Importantly, this would need to use a measure that counts any comment by the requester - not just replies.  I tried Agent replies < 1 but that didn't help (the trigger fired anyway), and Support told me that's because the initial ticket comment doesn't count as a reply.


  • Tate
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    This would make our life easier as well in terms of following up on emails where requester doesn't respond.  For example maybe they ask for a price quote, we send to them and then nothing.  We'd like to locate these quickly and send an automated followup where requester comments < 2 or more simply just equal to 1.

  • Elizabeth Toy
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    I was hoping to set up a trigger to notify a manager if a ticket's number of replies is greater than X number. It'd be nice if there was both "Requester replies" and "Total replies" as options to trigger on.


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