Breakout Room Shutting Down

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  • Mike Schepker

    Yeah, this is a bummer. First Zendesk removed their video recording tool, now Breakout Room is shutting down. We're looking for alternatives as well. 

  • Molly Katolas

    Droplr has a screencast option that I use all the time! Check it out:

    And here's their main site:

    There's not an option for the customer to send a video, but I find it's helpful for agents. Hope this helps!

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing those options, Molly. We'll let you all know if we hear about anything else that serves this need. 

  • Matt

    Please checkout the Recorder API solution shown on this page:


  • Craig Willis

    Hi @Matt, 

    Your product looks interesting.  Have you had any customers integrate with Zendesk directly?  Specifically, in regard to adding a button onto the Submit a Request page that will automatically add the video, or a link to it, to the case?



  • Matt

    Hi Craig, yes we have customers who integrate with Zendesk.   We don't have specific details on where/how they add the recorder but are happy to support you in your specific implementation.




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