Call Transfer (Blind)

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  • Mark Wiles
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    Yes, this has been our biggest pain point with Zendesk Talk.  We view transferring as part of our customer service, but we can't afford to have our call recording continue (and record content we should not hear), and we can't afford to continue paying per-minute costs for the hold times at other places.

    We are seeking workarounds/alternatives - we'd REALLY appreciate this!



  • Christine DeVille
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    We are in need of the ability to transfer a call to another agent without the risk of a call holding in queue ringing to their desk before the transferred call can be made. 

  • Manuel Breschi
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    Hi Nicole,
    thanks for your feedback.
    Currently, there is a workaround for this: as we support the concept of blind transfer to a group, if you set a group per agent you will then be able to simulate a blind transfer as they are the only agent in that group.
    We understand this may not be an ideal solution and we welcome your input for future consideration.
    Kind regards,

  • Mark Wiles
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    Thanks Manuel . . . just to clarify our particular blind transfer need in case that's of help . . . we often need to transfer callers to people/organizations outside of our Zendesk environment.  We would really welcome the ability to transfer to a third party a) without having to pay per-minute costs for that party's hold time, and b) without recording that conversation between our user and the third party.

    I'd be glad to discuss our use case further if it can be of help. Thanks for all the great work that Zendesk does!

  • Amedeo Juarez
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    Transfer prioritization is needed.


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