iOS SDK: is there any way to notify user about new comment in ticket?


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    Paul Lawless

    Since Version 1.2. We have support for Push Notifications. The Zendesk Mobile SDK can be set up to notify the end user when an agent posts a public comment on their request.

    See this page for details.


  • Suzana Bueno

    Was just going to ask this! We have implemented the iOS SDK and would love to know how this can be done.

  • Andrey

    The only way I know is to force user to set his email before creating a ticket. So that any response will be sent to users email.

  • Andrey

    But I'd prefer to get Push Notifications. Looks like it is not supported in SDK.

  • Dmitry

    I would like to know that too. It could be a callback or so.


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