Copy/Paste Images in Help Center Articles

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  • Jeremy R.

    Sorry that this workaround no longer works for you, unfortunately we don't have a solution for this workflow or copy/pasting images into help center articles at this time. I will pass your feedback on to our product team.

  • Dr. J

    Hi there Zach - sorry to hear that you're having trouble! — again, sorry to hear that this no longer is working for you.  I don't think this was expected to work previously, but there is a neat workaround that you can use with Snagit — you can use the drop/drag feature from Snagit to drop it on the file area.

    I do a very similar workflow with Skitch: it looks like this:

    Hope this helps out!

  • Zach

    That's too bad Jeremy.  Copy/Paste or Drag and Drop makes it so easy to produce content that's not too wordy.


    Dr. J thanks!  I'm going to try that out with SnagIt for sure

  • Corrin Duque

    Thank you for including the Skitch link Dr. J!  

    I just tried using the drag and drop directly into the Ticket Description and Ticket Comments and it works like a charm!  

    Used in tandem with the Insert Markdown App,

    we now have a very efficient way to provide clear instructions in tickets that are already formatted and ready to upload to Help Center via the Ticket to Help Center App.  

    You just made my week!

  • Kelli Swygert

    What about floating the text around images? I've tried using css float function but it's not working. When in the source code I also noticed that it forces the image inside a paragraph tag. Why?

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Kelli!

    You should be able to use standard HTML code in the source of the article to accomplish this, like so:

    The end result will look like this:

    Hope that helps!


  • Grow

    We still need copy and paste images to help center articles. 

    This is particularly important when you copy a portion of another article and paste it in. 

    Currently this only copies the reference, so when that other article is changed or goes away, the images all break. 😡 Huge pain. This combined with the fact that you can't recover a deleted article is brutal. 

    So is there a way to copy and paste the images themselves? Future feature?


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