Can we keep the ticket's status as NEW after assignment until Agent manually updates?


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    Zendesk Voice of Customer Team

    Hi everyone! 

    We're planning on adding custom statuses to Zendesk which would allow you to create your own status for when the ticket is assigned to the agent but hasn't been responded to yet. For the latest updates on when the EAP will be available, please look here.



  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    I would like this also. Use case:

    Our intake department routes the ticket to the right group and assigns the GROUP. They can't submit as "new", so the people in the newly assigned group can't tell what's just added and what's not.  We'd like "open" to truly mean open on our terms.

    NOte: yes, we have triggers to let the group members know they've got a ticket in their queue.  They still need the tickets to show as New so they know at a glance what's being worked on actively and what's not.


  • Dave Hall

    This request has been sitting for 8 years!  And Erin Boyle's last commented on it 3 years ago.  WOW!

    The ability to keep a ticket as 'NEW' until an agent actually touches/responds to a client is important for our workflow.

    I am very disappointed with Zendesk's ability to address existing PAYING customers' pain points.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    That doesn't work in our use case. But thanks!

    We still need to preserve the "New" status when we are rerouting tickets. It's not so much a question of where a customer submits a ticket from (using a different form or different email) but what LEVEL of support that particular ticket needs.

    No matter what channel or form is used, we need a way to preserve the New status as we move the ticket along escalation paths or specialty paths.

  • Jakob Forswall

    In our case we auto-assign some of our new tickets to some of our agents via triggers, i.e. nobody has had a look at the ticket, still the ticket is considered as open according to Zendesk. We would relly like the ticket to remain in status "new" untill an agent makes a manual update, otherwise our agents cannot get an overview of which tickets they have taken any action to.

  • Erin Boyle

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you know we're starting to look at this internally. My job at this point is to do the following:

    • Fully understand the use cases here and how customers want to use new vs open
    • Find counter-arguments to these use cases—in other words, which customers are relying on current behavior, and what are their use cases?

    While I can't promise anything will come of this, I did want to let you know I'm going to start digging into it.


  • ServiceDesk

    In our case I had to add a new drop down. Now if an agent set the request to open, it change to open even the tcket is assigned or not and the new drop down is set or not.

    We want to keep it as new as long as the drop down and the assignee aren't set. But I tried many ways, the request don't stay as new but goes open everytime.

    For us the open status is only when an agent take care of the request (entry control performed).

    I will very happy when we can set or keep the new status ona request.



  • Yura Yefymenko

    In our case, we have different levels of support.  So when level 1 escalates/assigns a ticket to level 2, we need to know that this ticket is NEW in level 2 queue.  NEW tickets get a higher priority than OPEN tickets, so in my opinion it's an important distinction to make.



  • James Gossling

    YES YES YES x 1 million.

    This is so frustrating. I understand the reasoning, but taking the ability away from users is just counterproductive.  I think it's fine for a status of open be default, but why not allow the option for us to add "ticket: status" new as the trigger action?  Or at least have it be an option of the account for statuses to change automatically on assignment.  We have rules that automatically assign a huge portion of our tickets.  This would be huge for us.

  • Tom Novotny

    we also would appriciate to have the functionality of leaving the "new" status, after a ticket has been assigned. Currently, we have some workarounds that are a pain in the neck.

    Vote for "YES"!

    Looking forward for positive feedback.


  • Hugo Silva

    I was about to ask the same question... Isn't it possible to do by creating some kind of automation?

  • David McKnight

    We use views a lot to highlight specific groups of tickets, so this would be easy to highlight "new" tickets assigned to an agent.

    I start with a macro that sets the first few characters in the title, assigns the status to "Open," sets the priority and adds the tag. It also assigns it to a specific agent, and generates the first line in the description.

    When I save the ticket, it sees the tag, and then copies me on it.

    The view created displays all tickets assigned to the current user, and with that specific tag.

    Once the agent views the ticket, they could either manually remove the "new" tag -- or you could create a trigger so that when certain workflow processes occur, the "new" tag is removed automatically.

    This way the agent always has a view of new tickets assigned to them.

  • Andrea Saez

    You can set a trigger to autoassign to a group or person and remain as 'new' until there's been any action on it. Remember that Zendesk is based on ITIL. 

    If what you need is for new tickets to have a higher priority, then set it to a higher priority using a trigger, and then the agent can always change the status once they update it.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Andrea, I'd like to hear more about how you would use a trigger for that. We have a tiered support system as well. Tickets come to Tier1, they make the determination if they can help the customer right away or if it needs to be reassigned elsewhere. When they assign it to the next group, it goes from NEW to OPEN and we face the same issue that Yura does.

    For us, it has less to do with priority and more to do with recognizing that this is a new ticket and hasn't actually had any activity on it, just assignment.  We are ITIL also.

  • Yura Yefymenko

    Yes I agree with Heather.  My explanation was not really clear.


    I think the easiest analogy to make is a call center queue.  Just like a call center we have several queues that the ticket will be escalated through.  All tickets always go to level 1, and then depending on the type and complexity of an issue, will be escalated to higher levels.  So level 2 and up only see tickets that have already been touched by an agent.


    In order to be able to distinguish at a glance, which are fresh tickets that have been escalated from the lower queue and tickets that are already being worked on, the NEW status would be needed.



  • Kristine Pesquisa

    Would really love to have this feature. Any update on this, please? 


  • Yura Yefymenko

    Hi Pamela,

    From your description, using ticket status On-hold might provide the functionality you need.  Here is a link

    Hope it helps.



  • Moovit Support

    Same here.

  • Chewy Trewhella

    There is literally no reason why allowing people to keep tickets as new should be controversial.

    I don't understand why this wouldn't be implemented.

  • Oliver Tietze

    Is +1 after 6 years still useful? Did the use case collection (4 years ago) ever happen? With what results??

    Our "use case" is: we want statuses to work as they were sold to us.

    Zendesk Doc: "Open indicates a ticket has been assigned to an agend and is in progress"
    Reality: "Open indicates a ticket has been assigned and we just assume it's in progress, change the status unwantedly, while with other actions/field changes, we leave it intact, to produce inconsistent behaviour of ticket changes"


    For us, NEW means: no action (seen from the Customer's perspective) has been taken. The ticket is waiting for the first reply of a customer (hence 'First Reply Time' SLA).

    Assigning it to a group or agent doesn't change anything.

    Please keep the status intact.

    We have found a workaround for the group assignment: Creating a separate Dropdown for "Team 1", "Team 2" etc. - Selecting the wanted team - Having a view available for "Team 1" showing only the "Team 1" selected - NEW tickets remain NEW.

    This does NOT work when it comes to personal assignments, and for some special cases/skills we need it. We do a bulk change, we do NOT "Submit as OPEN", but Zendesk submits as OPEN. Thank you, but no thank you.

    PLEASE Zendesk: why is ALL "everyday tools needed" a matter of 6 years of begging :-(


    Kind regards


  • Alejandro Colon

    Nicole Saunders

    Can we get an update on this?

    You mentioned we would not see an update in 2019. How about 2020?

  • Amy Au-Yeung

    Hi Javier,

    I'm afraid that's not quite possible - it's done by design that whenever a ticket gets assign, the status will automatically get change from "new" to "open"

    Sorry about that :(


    Zendesk Support

  • Jean

    I would like this feature as well.

  • Andrea Saez

    Hi Heather,

    There are a variety of ways that you can do this, especially if you're using forms. You can set the forms so that when someone submits a certain kind of ticket it's rerouted to a certain group/agent - and then set all appropriate trigger and tags thereof.

    For example,

    We have a trigger set for feedback, which goes to a particular group, sets it as 'New' and places it on a view. That way they're all placed independently from regular support tickets.

  • Snaebjorn Olafsson

    Any news on this?

  • Thomas Joussot

    Hi there,

    A quick bump on this thread...

    I do not see any 'New' in Status drop-down menu when setting a Trigger on my end. Is any experiencing the same thing ?

  • Jacko Leenders

    Hi Erin,

    Could you perhaps let us know what the status of this request is?

    We are a small company relying on Zendesk as our ticketing system, and as we are a small company, illness of an employee or a shift in an employees priorities have a huge impact on an employees workload.

    This means we are in need of a reliable way to manually reassigning tickets to other employees. Doing this with tickets that are then automatically change their status to open makes that the employees these tickets are reassigned to either need to memorize their ticket load or need to constantly manually check all the tickets on their name.

    Obviously changing default behavior could have a big impact on companies that use the way the status is changed in this way, so maybe creating an option where administrators can choose the default behavior might be feasible?

    Kind regards,

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    we like "new" in some subsets of cases also!

    Especially when working on problem/incident tickets where we want to keep problem tickets in "new" status to support our (constantly evolving) internal processes.


  • Thomas Joussot

    +1 !!!

  • Tim Jimmers

    Interesting, when I worked at a larger startup (Gusto) we were able to assign tickets to agents, and the tickets would remain "New" until the agent responded. Now using Zendesk at a smaller company, and this is not a possibility. Not sure if maybe Zendesk did a custom build, because Gusto was a large-ish client (or maybe the engineers at were allowed to mod certain behaviors?), but they definitely can build this behavior into their product, seems the little guys are getting screwed as it is highly annoying that "New" tickets get mixed in with other 'Open" tickets that have already been responded to by an agent. 


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