How to email agents with the ticket number in the subject line

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  • Arnaud de Theux

    Thanks for sharing this @Justin !

    Although I don't get this part: note: the {{}} placeholder will display the actual zendesk ticket number while the {{ticket.title}} placeholder will display the random token at the end of the email subject line

    What do you mean by "token"?


  • Justin Graves

    @Arnaud - The "token" is a random set of 8 letters and numbers separated by a dash half way through (like 4HFF-1PWZ in my example below.  When displayed as part of the {{ticket.title}} for Agents it is surrounded by square brackets.


    I think I can best demonstrate how this plays out with an example.


    Say an end-user emails your zendesk and the subject line of their email is "Can't login to the website".  ZD will turn that email into a ticket and assign it a number, say 10247, for example.  Now according to my formatting above, the end-user would get an email back with the subject line:

    "Request Received :: Can't login to the website (10247)"

    Now imagine that one of your agents submits the exact same email 1 minute later with the same subject line (and it gets assigned ticket # 10248 and token 4HFF-1PWZ).  The email that goes out to them would have the subject line:

    "Request Received :: 10247 :: Can't login to the website [4HFF-1PWZ]"


    Hope that clears it up for you.

  • Justin

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing, Justin. 


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