Why having the correct ticket form is important

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  • Kristof Van Kriekingen

    A thing to add maybe, but that might possible for some businesses only.
    Is to link or provide maybe a tutorial about how to create a ticket.

    We always have direct contact with our customers, we send a college's of mine out to them so he can show them our software etc... When they eventually go live, he also explains how they can create a ticket and what to provide. Such as browser, URL , type of issue and ofcourse a screenshot or video which always can help in software businesses.

    But yes indeed a great form is a great help (if customers fill it in ^_^ )! +1

  • Andrea Saez

    In order to avoid the "if customers fill it in" - always make these fields mandatory!

    And if you can use the API to capture certain things from your platform, even better ;)

  • Kristof Van Kriekingen

    True but making them mandatory isn't really an option for us.
    For example: from experience from out software, we for example ask Browser: ?
    Our customers don't know what a browser is. 80%+ mostly uses IE8/9/10.

    But they don't have a clue what ' Internet explorer ' is and that's our issue. We would just get a phonecall, Hey I can't fill in the ticket form, I don't know what this is... . And then we are not even talking about the browser-version yet :P
    But yea I'm going to look into the API that should solve my problem.

    Then again thinking about it. We have a closed zendesk and only 1 user / organization.( that is allowed to create tickets ) So if somebody experiences an issues it's mostly a forwarded issue. But we are just putting ourselves a bit stuck here.
    So we will have to change something there.
    It's something I have to talk about with my college's.
    Thanks for the Tip!

    Kind regards


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