Community discussion: What have you done lately (in your Zendesk)?

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  • Kristof Van Kriekingen
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    I guess I'll start :-)

    Our zendesk activity is very low at the moment. But we are currently releasing new software towards customers for beta testing. SO we can expect some tickets atleast. We have been setting up some views and reports to see the differences between what organizations report what and how many ticket etc... First time using the reports and when using it, it goes smooth and easy. We added a new custom field for this aswell. Which results into adding tags for our views! Basically small tweaks here and there :-)

    Also looking into getting the SalesForce integration. 

    PS: Our agents managed to live too!

  • Allie Brock
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    Created a Target to notify key Hipchat rooms when tickets are submitted (to improve initial response times)

  • Nathan Evans
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    I love Zendesk, but I don't care for the default views.  We have been adjusting them around and just got them the way I like it.  We order views by priority, so agents should hit 0 in the first view, then move on to the second, etc.

    The order we use:

    "Needs your reply," containing tickets assigned to you that are open.  This helps ensure that ongoing tickets get resolved before the agent gets more.

    "Pending Tickets"  This view includes tickets assigned to the agent that are pending.  Again, this is to ensure that the agent is finishing up their items.  We separated out these first two views so that we can group/sort the lists slightly differently.

    "Inbox"  Shows all tickets in one of your groups that hasn't been responded to.  This is where agents get more tickets.  The inbox is grouped and sorted by priority, so we have some triggers and manual triage to escalate urgent or VIP tickets.  Agents start at the top and work their way down. 

  • Kevin Christensen
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    I've built tons of things for Zendesk to personalize almost every aspect of the agent interface (view<->trigger<->macro links, RTL support for RTL langauges, agent configurable view UI modificatons, automatic spell correction/text replacement in comment text, hidden custom fields, configurable per view/trigger/automation/macro permissions, the list goes on...), but my favorite recent project was getting some chrome extensions I built to work with new Zendesk.

    I have 2 extensions: one finds phone numbers in the page and then swaps out the text with a clickable link to our internal database for debugging issues, the other will take the content from the ticket and translate it to English and display it side by side for the agent who doesn't speak that language.

    Unfortunately, new Zendesk doesn't run a pageload every time you change tickets (awesome for load times, not so awesome for hacking into Zendesk), so my extension would only work on the first time that you loaded a page, I also was unable to get tickets specific information that wanted to pass to my extension. They also (for obvious reasons) don't allow you to modify the rest of the page with an app, so refactoring my extensions into an app wouldn't work very well.

    I worked around this by building an app for new Zendesk that does nothing more than have information in some hidden text fields, and modifies itself on certain Zendesk actions (app.activated worked well for my purposes). I then listen for this change in my extension using addEventListener and see if the is the id of the translator bit that modifies itself on app.activated.

    This way I was able to know every time a new ticket is shown, and I was given updated information about the ticket. I then use this to find the language of the ticket and pass that off to yandex translate API, without having to waste API queries on recognizing the language (since our mail server/zendesk/some triggers we made have already figured out the language of the user), and I was able to scan each new ticket for phone numbers that may need to be debugged.

    I'm still working out some kinks in the setup (it seems that app.activated is sometimes called multiple times, or maybe it's something I did wrong), but it's working pretty well now, and I have a nice hook should I choose to build more content morphing extension.

  • Adam Pepper
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    We implemented Zendesk about a year ago, and planned to integrate it with JIRA. We soon found that the link configuration was pretty unwieldy, so postponed this until we had more time (and until Zendesk was properly bedded in). 

    Since then, a new Zendesk for Jira app has been launched - we installed it a couple of weeks ago, and were up and running in a matter of minutes. Agents and developers love it, and it's already saved many hours of work. Like the Time Tracking app we installed in the Summer, it's so easy to use and Agents required minimal training for the new processes.

    We're looking forward to rolling out the Community feature of our Help Centre, once the new feature request tracking functionality has been added. This will be the last major milestone in our original Zendesk rollout project. We'll then turn our attention to Help Center customizations ....


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