Scary tickets stories!

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  • Kristof Van Kriekingen
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    Happy Halloween everyone!

    I'll hop in for this event!

    I once was just working at the office, a normal day....

    A colleague of mine, who goes to customers and explains our new software also explains the customers how to use the help desk. ( We are from Belgium )

    So I was working and checking my mails here and then.

    Suddenly I received this e-mail from zendesk ' a new login detected ' ...

    From Switzerland... at that moment I got really scared since I just imported all customers data etc... 

    I never ever swapped my password that quickly. I did not think about my colleague trying to show the help desk at all. 

    I went to the page were you can force a logout for yourself from a specific IP and forced him out. ( my colleague :p )

    What happened is that they went through a proxy lol.

    That was, for me, the scariest moment and never I changed my password this quickly lol.

    Happy Halloween everyone!

    Do people here go out for candy by any chance? ;P

    Kind regards,


  • Laura D.
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    Happy Halloween Kristof!

    I'm glad it was easy enough to figure out what happened! I've certainly had some of those moments myself. 

    While testing different workflows with a coworker I signed into one of his test accounts under his name and left a comment in a test ticket he'd made that said, roughly, "You've been hacked." 

    He almost had heart-failure. I felt bad....we laughed about it later though :)

  • Chandler Bainter
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    After getting a notification of an issue, I remotely connected to my end user's computer using one of our methods when someone else took over the mouse, pulled up notepad and said "Who is this?"  Turns out the IT lead also saw the ticket and hopped on using a different remote session method. He never does that, so it took me by surprise. 

  • Nikki Goodson
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    One of our "scary" tickets this weekend was a user who was not receiving their Paypal payment from us. Our system was telling them that there was some kind of restriction on their Paypal account - but the user called in to Paypal and was told that the error must be on our end because everything looked fine there.


    The good news is that the ticket was escalated to me this morning, and when I looked at his account, the issue had resolved itself and the payment had gone through.  My theory is that something changed in his Paypal account during that phone call, which the Paypal agent either did not admit to or did not realize would make an impact.


    Moral of the story: sometimes, time just fixes issues without us needing to spend a lot of time on the issue at all!

  • Graeme Carmichael
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    Why Graeme Does Not Work in Customer Service  

    You all deserve a medal. We have very scary customers\ agents. Here is an exact transcript of the phone call.

    Agent> Is that The Zendesk?

    Graeme> Emm, can I help?

    Agent> Zendesk is not working.

    Graeme>Ok, let me try to log in…mmm, it is ok for me, When did you last log in?

    Agent> Can’t remember.

    Graeme> This week?

    Agent>Maybe last week.

    Graeme>(sigh) Yes, I see you logged in last week. Has anything changed?

    Agent> No

    Graeme> New PC?

    Agent> Oh yes. I have a new PC.

    Graeme>(I must be psychic) And your version of Internet Explorer is?

    Agent> I don’t know.

    Graeme> (didn’t see that coming) Can you check that for me?

    Agent> emmm….

    Graeme>Can you see the help menu?

    Agent> No

    Graeme> Or a little question mark in a blue circle?

    Agent> No

    Graeme> On the right hand side?

    Agent> No. I have ‘properties’.

    Graeme> Properties? What does that say?

    Agent> Security.

    Graeme> Security?

    Agent> Details.


    Agent> definitely no help.

    Graeme> No blue circle?


    Graeme> On the right?



    Agent> Do you want me to start Internet Explorer?

    Graeme>(banging head on the table) Yes please, start Internet Explorer.

    Agent> That’s is it now.

    Graeme> Can you see the help menu?

    Agent> No

    Graeme> A little blue circle with a question mark?


    Graeme>On the right hand side?

    Agent> No, …Oh, yes, There it is.

    Graeme> (sweet Jesus) Ok, go to the About Internet Explorer.


    Graeme> And it says?

    Agent> Internet Explorer 7


    Graeme> Thank you (and goodnight)

  • Kristof Van Kriekingen
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    Hahaha Graeme :P

    I know how you feel!

  • Liz
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    "You will need to locate the file in your C: drive and delete it"

    "What is the SEE drive?  Is that for blind people,  cause I see alright."


  • Jessie Schutz
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    This wasn't a ticket, but still a fairly scary customer interaction.

    I was slinging coffee at a well-known purveyor of fancy beverages, and the county health department required that we wear hats at work. So we rocked some sweet baseball caps on the daily.

    Well, it's kind of tough to look nice in a ball cap, especially with short hair, so I wore statement earrings every day. My favorite was a pair of cute owls, and I wore them quite a lot.

    I was assisting a gentleman at the point of sale one day, and he observed, "Hey! You're wearing your owls! Your hooters! Nice hooters! I bet you get that a lot."

    My co-workers just about ruptured their vital organs trying not to laugh while I finished the transaction with as much grace and dignity as I could muster, whereupon I excused myself to the back room to have myself a little freak-out.

    Ah, the Mug Life. Truly the best of times. :D

  • Diane Albert
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    Not a "scary" customer story, but I almost had a catastrophic keyboard failure from a coffee spray on this one.

    Zendesk ticket: "i can't log in, so i sent for a new password, it's XXXXXX _and my user name is _XXXXX and  I still can't log in."

    so i dutifully try the username and password on our app and boom..i'm in.

    I use Screencastr on the ticket to record my steps again, attach it and send it back to her and say "oops, i typed your username wrong the first time, so that's why you see a failure on the recording. the second time I spelled it correctly".

    She emailed back "oh, I'm in, that must have been why, people spell my name wrong all the time".

    ....ummm...including YOU???

  • Paul Italiano
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    A very "scary" ticket Story (not really).

    At a previous job we would often get tickets with all sorts of private information;  Social Security Numbers, Account numbers, Passwords.  We would manually and automatically clean up the information and politely tell the sender not to include this type of information in tickets\emails that were going directly into a large support queue.  

    We seldom would get repeat offenders, but had one client that insisted that she had to be able to include this info to prevent the "delay" of a phone call. After months of abuse from this client I finally contacted their CFO and explained that why we cannot accept this kind of information in a ticket, he agreed and must have reprimanded the person sending the tickets.  From that point on she was as nice as pie


    We used the Redaction app to delete numbers in the xxx-xx-xxxx format as well as any number sequence over 9 digits.  This worked fairly well, but we never could get to 100%


  • Nichola Haira
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    Afternoon everyone,

    I re-call a very scary time when I was working for a large law firm in Brisbane where a partner from another state came to work at our branch for the day.

    He called the help desk and I was able to overhear his conversation:

    Partner: This PC will not turn on!!! I need urgent help now, I have meetings etc etc (you all know the drill)

    Agent: Ok, so just to confirm you have turned the PC on.

    Partner: yes, I keep pressing the button and nothing is happening -  and I can't see aything

    Agent: Ok, so you turned the PC box on, did you see any lights come on the box?

    Partner: Yes I keep pressing the button, no there are no lights.

    Agent: Is the power plug still plugged in.

    Partner: Yes everything is plugged in - I expect someone to come and fix now.....

    So we had to send someone over to help him - turned out he was trying to turn on the monitor.... and even better it was a hot desk for laptop users so there was no PC, we asked him to move to the next desk with a PC - he was able to log in now!!!!

  • Kristof Van Kriekingen
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    Haha Nichola :P

    I think indeed we all know the drill indeed :p

    Sometimes I wonder what could be next!
    From my history I once had a ticket: ' I pressed on delete , and now it's gone ??? ' 

    So we had to explain that a big red button with ' DELETE ' on it , means that the item will go to heaven and will live in paradise and never return. :P

    Kind regards

  • Ward
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    Short one here.
    We have had some e-mail problems so we got A LOT of failed delivery's Suspended tickets (50+). When i was bulk restoring them, someone ad my desk asked a question. The moment i click through i thought: "Did i click restore or delete?" My heart dropped to the ground cause these are all customers who needed there confirmation of there holiday booking. i quickly told the person ad my desk to comeback later. i quickly checked my recently updated tickets and saw them all in there.

    It was a short moment when i realized that Zendesk is great but you need to keep your head on it when working as administrator. Cause it only takes a blink of a eye to break you work flow or delete tickets.


    (sorry for the bad English but it is not my main language)


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