Adding chat as a channel: Share your experience

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  • PeterNicholson
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    How do make the agents realise that it's not all about prioritising phone calls

  • Wouter van Gessel
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    Implementation of Zendesk Chat was easy, as we are an IT-company.

    We have a lot of tickets each day, but almost no users using chat. This is because the chat always jumps to offline when an agent closes and reopens their browser.

    We have been in contact with Support to resolve this, but disappointingly the only option is to upgrade to the paid Zopim Chat at USD 300 per agent per year... 

    We already pay a fairly high amount of USD per agent per month, as we have the Enterprise Plan. When we started Zendesk, we were under the impression that a good chat function (Zendesk Chat) was included in the Enterprise Plan, as this was mentioned on the Zendesk website. However, we have been very disappointed so far with this part of Zendesk. Very disappointed.

  • Brandon Wermes
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    During our trial period, we tested out Zopim Chat. Unfortunately our end-users do not frequent our web-site when needing support. They'll email or call us directly.

    I would love to funnel more traffic to our Help Center or Website to encourage end-users to chat with our team. The Zopim functions seem very easy to work with and would be powerful if we could get folks to use it.

  • Brennan Valenzuela
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    We have three brands and have added chat functionality to all three using Zopim. We find our customers prefer real-time responses, so they love chat.

    At first, it was one or two advisors manning the channel, but quickly over time, chat as a customer service channel grew quickly, outpacing email as a preferred channel. Phone interactions is still number one, but it's only a matter of time before chat overtakes that channel as well.

    We found some challenges early, for example:

    • monitoring phone and chat simultaneously

    • dedicate staffing specifically for chat

    • maintaining quality versus answering multiple chat interactions

    Chat is a great customer service tool, for the customer because it provides real-time responses; and for the bsuiness, because allows an advisor to handle more than one customer interaction at a time.


  • Renee Butcher
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    We are not happy with Zopim and are looking into other chat integrations.

    1)  Zopim's policy for named chat licenses instead of concurrent is very frustrating.  We have a rotating week and shift schedule so having named agents would take up quite a few licenses, especially when we only have two to three people on chat at one time.  

    2) The chat history takes too long to load.  If we have a chat that needs to be reviewed by a supervisor it isn't available for up to a 1/2 hour after the chat is closed.  

    3) The chat widget is supposed to hide when there are no agents logged in or invisible.  This feature does not work.  In fact, I was offered chats last night even after I had changed the operation hours to close the channel early.

    4) Operation hours cannot wrap midnight.  We have a shift that ends at 1 am but I cannot set operation hours for 12am-1am AND 9am-12am for a single day.

    5) Chat notifications get sent to agents even if they've signed out of Zopim after a shift.  We often set agents to working chats for 1/2 shifts.  Agents who have chat during the first half of the shift and then log out get the loud notifications in their ear while on the phones with customers trying to assist them with a technical issue.  Very disconcerting.

  • Brennan Valenzuela
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    I here you Renee. We too have operating hours past midnight. To combat this, I've changed the time from Eastern to Central. That might help you, you'll just have to be cognizant when looking at reports.

  • Jeremy Seow
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    Hey Renee,

    I'd like to address some of the issues you raised:

    1) Concurrent licenses

    I certainly can see where you are coming from. However, pricing is an incredibly complicated thing and there are pros and cons of each model. Named agents allow you to get all your agents online at once if the situation calls for it but concurrent licenses allow you to do what you described.

    2) History

    History should be pretty quick once the conversation has ended. With that said, we do leave the session open for awhile. We only close the session once the visitor has explicitly left the chat or the site. From that point, history should appear almost immediately.

    3) Widget not disappearing

    This certainly sounds like an issue. Let me create a ticket for you. 

    4) Operating hours

    Are you using department operating hours or account wide? If you use department based operating hours, you are able to create multiple schedules that overlap to extend past midnight. With that said, an improvement of account based operating hours and the ability to set split timings are certainly on our roadmap.

    5) Notifications

    If you sign out of Zopim, you should not be getting notifications. We can troubleshoot this on the ticket as well.


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