One Domain creating duplicate tickets

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  • Brandon M

    If the person is replying to your original email it should just update, but if they are creating a new email with the response it creates a new ticket. I know in my account I have it set so that when you send an email, you are marking it solved. If it stays solved for a certain period of time (4 days for me) it closes the ticket, and any response will 100% create a new ticket as a 'follow-up' ticket. Maybe checking this setting on your account would stop this. Hope it's that simple~

  • Merethe Needham

    Hi Brandon

    The problem I'm encountering is that Zendesk seems to create a new ticket each time a particular domain address emails our system, even though the subject matches an existing ticket.  It seems to be related to how Zendesk handles emails when 'RE' is in the subject.  

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Merethe!

    You've already opened a ticket on this, so somebody from our Support team will be able to assist you in troubleshooting this issue soon.


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