Jira App Failing at creation stage

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  • Kevin Mooney

    We're experiencing the same issue on our end.  We've not been able to create a JIRA issue for our On Demand account since early morning yesterday from our EST perspective.

  • Cameron Ladd

    Thanks for asking about this. We're actually looking into this now! If you'd like, would you mind emailing us at support@zendesk.com so we can create a ticket and link it up?

  • Craig

    Experiencing the same issues here also.

    At the best of times this integration is quite flakey. Not the first time I have raised issues about this. :(

  • Susan Maher

    We are experiencing this as well and it is now 2018.  What was the answer to this? 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Susan - 

    Here is the answer that was in the ticket: 

    "Atlassian made a security update to its REST API to add additional cross-site request forgery (CSRF) checks for requests coming from web browsers. When agents access the Zendesk JIRA integration via the agent interface, requests from the JIRA app were proxied by Zendesk to Atlassian's API, but in such a way that our requests were failing due to these new CSRF checks.

    We have since updated our JIRA integration to change how it identifies itself to Atlassian's API to fix this issue. After refreshing your browser the integration should begin working again." 

    However, I don't know if this still applies since that was 3 years ago. I'm going to pull you into a ticket so that you can work with one of our Customer Advocates to troubleshoot your issue. 


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